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  1. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    What is the resistance supposed to be on the intake temp sensor circuit, I’m getting a circuit high warning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jetta Owners Club
    Cruise control error show on dash when the car is moving and the stalk switch is off. Checked the fuse and the brake light switch and they are ok. What is the next step in troubleshooting?
  3. New

    Touareg New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hello I’m new to the forum. Just purchased my 2010 Touareg TDI
  4. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hi guys, I am gathering part for an automatic trans for a mk1 . I found a torque converter with a "Q" on it. I can't find an application guide that shows what this is from. Any help? Thx
  5. Beetle Newbs / FAQs
    bought a used 2010 conv. for wife for her birthday left it covered in Florida for the summer cover fits tight around the mirrors: do they manually fold in? I forgot to check before we left. if they do I can get a friend to go over and push them in to prevent cover from tearing Thanks
  6. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hi All, Looking for an upgraded or OEM front mount intercooler for the mk6 Golf R. It's a 2010 model and am fine if it's been used, as long as it's in working order and all ok! Thanks. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. Passat B6 Forums
    I am wondering where the torque converter bolt access hole is so i can replace this engine. the manual i have said there is a rubber cap covering the hole and the only cap i can find is metal cap and i cant seem to remove it. i cant get the bolt through the starter hole because its on the...
  8. GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    Got p00100 code on my GTI 08 tryed cleaning the sensor and nothing Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. VW CC Technical Forum
    Long shot here but I'm looking for a counterbar and the n205 removal tool. 2010 vw cc 2.0t tsi Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. Passat New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the differens between the 150hp and the 190hp ? Is it just software it is it hardware ?? With 150hp and a BSR-chip you get 194hp.. Skickat från min ONEPLUS A5010 via Tapatalk
  11. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hi new to the club ! I’ve owned a few golf’s in the past but looking for another one . Looking to get a TDI GT around 20010/2011 other than making sure the timing belt has been replaced and water pump is there anything to look out for when purchasing one of these models? Thanks in advance all...
  12. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Coming from owning cars that used timing belts instead of chains, belts were changed more frequently. How often or when do you know it’s about time to replace the timing chains on a VW? My car is at 110k miles and I haven’t had any issues so I’m just trying to keep it that way.
  13. Passat B6 Forums
    Hello, I have a 2008 Passat Lux and the passenger heated seat quit working. Everything thing else works and drivers seat works fine. I’m capable of doing the repair myself, I just wonder how much of a job it is. I’m assuming if it was a fuse nothing would work. Thanks Greg Sent from my iPad...
  14. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    I have a 2010 Golf City (2.0L , Canadian edition). Both tail lights are damaged and I was wondering if anyone know if there are some aftermarket tail lights available for this model. Pictures attached. Thanks!!!
  15. CC Newbs / CC FAQs
    Looking at buying a 2010 cc tdi gt 170 UK model are there any common problems that they suffer from :confused: Thanks in advance
  16. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Selling my stock brakes as i just swapped out for some Stoptech BBKs and rotors. Includes: Brackets Lines Dustboots Rotors Just cleaned them up. Feel free to DM. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
1-19 of 253 Results