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  1. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hello i have a golf mk4 1999 and i would want to switch to a threaded shift knob is there a adapter that will fit the car or is there any other solutions
  2. TDI General Discussion
    I have a 1999 TDI Beetle, the wire/fuse box sitting on the top of the Battery, the left Black wire gets so hot I cant even touch it! Any answers??
  3. Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension
    I was left with only one snow tire for a 1999 Jetta. Is it possible for a car to drive satisfactorily in the snow on only one snow tire??? I'm thinking not...
  4. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi, New Guy Here..... Got an issue with my 1999 1.6 SE Golf, hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. When started, the car will not hold a tick over. The revs wander up and down, not by much, only one or Two lines. Also when driving at low speed, say parking or around...
  5. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi I just landed a great deal on a 1999 19tdi golf for £50 with 153000 miles on the clock and runs fantastic. The bloke just wanted it gone as it is out of mot and he has another 3 cars. So I ripped his arm off for it lol. Now it has a little gearbox issue you have to put it into second gear...
  6. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi everyone, i need some help if someone from you can explain me what i need everything to put golf mk4 speedometer (cluster) in my golf mk3.5 cabrio 1999 petrol. Thanks for help
  7. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi to everyone...My car is golf mk3.5 cabrio 1999 petrol.i have some problem with speedometer..fuel and km/h gauge no work but all another thinks its working..What should be the problem? what can i do? Thanks for help
  8. Golf Owners Club
    Hi All, need help please, my cable on my drivers door window regulator has gone :mad: but I cant get the right replacement? I have tried GSF, Eurocarparts, E Bay, Google and local motor factors all supply a different regulator (location holes and motor are in a different place) My part No is...
  9. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    This file has been taken down on 2017-10-23
  10. New Beetle Technical Forum
    Looking for help locating a company that possibly makes body mount kits. I'm mounting 1999 new beetle to a 199? Zr2 S10 Blazer frame. Any help is appreciated Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  11. Golf New To The Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi, I've just bought a VW Golf 1.6 8v 1999. I don't know anything about Golf's, as i bought this to Commute to work in the winter (I ride Motorcycles) i thought i'd join and learn a bit about them. So, i'm off for a browse.
  12. Passat B7 Forums
    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate a bit of help with my voice nav on google maps...or lack of it. I have a 2012 station wagon and an iphone 5. The voice nav on the phone works fine until I get in the car and then no go, it's silent. The exception to this is when someone calls on the phone...
  13. Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    I'm trying to install my dash cam to use power from fuse box at my VW Golf IV 1999 with mini fuse and what I see there is 2 empty mini fuse slots which in user manual are shown as empty with no amperage (numbers of fuse slots are 8 and 17). One of them has symbol of book with ! inside it...
  14. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    I just found the cross bars for my 1999 Passat Wagon in a closet. They are up for sale on ebay if anyone needs a pair. They should fit racks on wagons from 1998-2001.
  15. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hey guys, So I'm an 17 year old lad and the other day I bought myself of a 1999 1.6 Petrol Mk4 in silver and I am looking to make it look a little bit nicer than how it does now. Any suggestions on what I could do to it for a decent price? Thanks
  16. GTI MK4 / 1999-2005
    Help.................... I run a Mk4 Blue GTI daily. I am after the following? Can anyone help? Drivers Recaro seat Front Bumper Splitter N/S Inner Wheel arch also I have problems with the air flow meter? Occasionally hiccups.............Has been changed twice. Is this Common? Any solutions...
  17. Jetta / Bora MK4 / 1999-2004
    I'm going to check out a car to buy it, are there certain things to look for to be sure I'm safe to buy? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
1-18 of 129 Results