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  1. NEW Member w/ Question

    GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    I am new to this VW Owners club, want to ask a question before I post. Is it ok to post an item I am look to sell here in this forum? It is specific to VW. Reason I ask, I can not access the "classifieds" section. Do not want to break the rules or offend anyone right out of the gate. Thank...
  2. Changes to infotainment system after app connect added

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, this week I have had app connect added to my 2017 Passat. However I can now no longer use the in built navigation system or connect a phone over or connect my phone over Bluetooth to use the phone or as a media input. Is this right? It seems like the garage made a mistake
  3. 1.6l block corner broke

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Can this be fixed?
  4. Gas pump nozzle shuts off repeatedly when filling tank

    Beetle Owners Club
    We have a 2017 Beetle, 42k miles, just purchased used. We had it checked by AAA mechanic and he overlooked one relatively minor problem. The gas nozzle at pump will not stay on any more than a few seconds at a time. It keeps shutting off long before the tank is full. I understand it is...
  5. 2019 Tiguan SE question about compartment

    Hi. We've had our Tiguan just two weeks now. I keep finding nuances in it. What is the compartment on the liftgate that you can pop open with the turn of the knob?
  6. 2010 passat torque converter bolt access hole location

    Passat B6 Forums
    I am wondering where the torque converter bolt access hole is so i can replace this engine. the manual i have said there is a rubber cap covering the hole and the only cap i can find is metal cap and i cant seem to remove it. i cant get the bolt through the starter hole because its on the...
  7. 91 MK2 GTI 1.8 In Need Of Trottle Position Sensor and pigtail.

    GTI MK2 / 1985-1992
    Hello VWOC. I have a red and black Golf GTI daily driver in north Texas. The TPS switch plastic housing has cracked and it had a erratic signal.It also somewhat disintegrated around the opening for the TB shaft . I tried a new TPS from a same year Cabriolet 1.8 (because it was available) and at...
  8. Intake/Exhaust Afternarket Installation Questions

    Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi there, my names Montana Morris, I own a 2008 MKV GTI. I’ve been researching intakes and exhausts for about the last year now and was wondering what other things should I expect to purchase before I can install said parts? A friend of mine owns a Mazda3 and said he had to buy Cobb access ports...
  9. 2017 Engine Splash Pan

    VW Tiguan Technical
    Hi everyone, new to the forum from Newnan, GA USA. We have a 2017 Tiguan Limited 2.0 TSI that's due for an oil change. I need to know how to detach the plastic belly pan(splash pan?) under the engine to access the oil pan drain plug? I see the 2 T45 bolts and removed the 9 or so T20 screws...
  10. B8 Passat Estate dashboard fuse box access

    Passat B7 Forums
    Hi all, I couldn't find a B8 forum, so thought I'd try this one. I've just picked up a 2018 european (UK) Passat R-Line Estate 2.0L TSI. The car is right hand drive. I want to install a hard wired dash cam, and the manual says the fuse box is located behind the passenger-side glove box. The...
  11. 2016 Passat TDI Fuse Diagram

    TDI General Discussion
    I need access to the diagram for the driver's side fuse panel. Please attach it as a PDF. Thanks in advance ...
  12. Trick to remove side markers?

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I am switching many of the bulbs to LED but I am having trouble with the front passenger marker. The left screw keeps on spinning. I popped the hood and went up the side of the fender but access feels blocked off from the back. I can see the little square it threads into spinning but I cannot...
  13. Have a user that is starting to be a pain.

    MODERATOR's Forum
    2013TDI Is really beginning to drag some folks. He reports every double post. Today I suppose I was a tad tardy, and he posted in the double post. see this post. He referred the op back to the original post...
  14. Location of brake switch/sensor?

    GTI MK7 / 2015 and up
    Where is the brake light switch on a MK7 Golf/GTI? On most other vehicles I've looked at, there's a sensor mounted on the upper part of the brake pedal arm that, when the pedal is depressed, sends a signal to illuminate the brake lights. I don't see anything on my '17 GTI brake pedal arm, and...
  15. Nav updates ...

    CC Owners Club
    Hey everyone! I just picked up a 2013 CC R Line and would like to see about getting an update for the Nav system. I can't seem to make any progress on the VW site vw.navigation Anyone know any other channel to get the updates or do I just need to wait until this comes back online? What about...
  16. Jetta Newbie... Exhaust question

    Jetta / Bora MK4 / 1999-2004
    New to VW JEtta GLX 2.8 VR6... But not to challenges when it comes to foreign cars LOL. I am however not well versed with work arounds on exhaust systems (complete). 1). I am looking for advice as to the Cat. There is a leak right at the connection from Cat to Downpipe. Do I go with a $50-80...
  17. Fuel Pump Check Valve Location

    MK1 Rabbit Engine
    Hey Guys, I’m having some running issues with my wife’s 87 Cabriolet 1.8. Was running good, then started bucking and stalling like it was out of fuel. A fuel filter change cleared it up for a few weeks. Now it’s back just as bad as ever. Changed FF again (first one was dirty, second one...
  18. 2013 Convertible Roof Failure

    New Beetle Technical Forum
    My wife has moved onto her 3rd Beetle with the most recent purchase being a 2013 Beetle Convertible. Initially a problem with the roof seals fixed under warranty and all went well until last week. Having used this car to go shopping she put the roof down to load the bags into the rear seats. The...
  19. 2014 Passat Questions

    Passat Owners Club
    I just bought a 2014 1.8 Passat and I love it but I have a few questions. I am out of state right now away from my car. 1) I want to buy a Steering Wheel Cover to protect the steering wheel from wear. What is the diameter of the 2014 and are there good ones I should check out. 2) I don't have...
  20. IP timing 91 jetta na

    Jetta MK2 / 1984-1992
    This subject may have been addressed many times, but I could not access it. Anyone have any experience in deviating from the recommended pump timing in trying to improve economy. Bentley's calls for .90 +or- .02 with a checking range of .83 to .97, this seems like a fairly wide range for a...