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  1. Remove A/C L-bracket from 84 Rabbit

    MK1 Rabbit Engine
    I'm in the process of replacing my water pump and the A/C unit is the next thing to come out. Then I can get after the alternator and then hopefully the water pump. This is what I'm looking at now. From what I can tell there are 3 bolts keeping the bracket on, but...
  2. Grounding wire

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Briano, when you say replace all the grounds, what wire do you suggest using? Do you just a spool and make your own? Sorry if this should be more obvious. I just see you say this and I keep wondering what wire I should attack all these with?
  3. RedLineTimeAttack is back 2013

    SouthWest: Calif., Ariz., N.Mex, Colo., Nev., Utah
    Redline is back 2013 ... With Chris Willard running it... Here's some info for you Time Attack Drivers Email [email protected]
  4. Ontario Time Attack goes to TMP July 7th

    Eastern Canada
    After four successful events at Mosport DDT and Shannonville, Ontario Time Attack comes to Toronto Motorsports Park's road course for its 5th event of 2012 on Saturday, July 7th. We would like to welcome all interested competitors, especially the west-enders who would normally need to make the...
  5. Sorry..........

    MODERATOR's Forum
    Sorry that I was gone for a week or so. I had a couple of family issues that prevented me from having interweb. Thank you for watching the "old-farts" store. My Children were involved in a wreck in Kansas City Mo. I flew out to fix, and then Drive with them to Seattle. Got stuck in Cheyenne...
  6. New Time Attack Company in SOCal

    SouthWest: Calif., Ariz., N.Mex, Colo., Nev., Utah Fun times at the tracks in Socal... First event in Dec 2011 or January 2012,
  7. New Time Attack Company in SOCal

    SouthWest: Calif., Ariz., N.Mex, Colo., Nev., Utah Fun times at the tracks in Socal... First event in Dec 2011 or January 2012, Schedule still in the works
  8. Account Attack

    MODERATOR's Forum
    Someone with the IP address of: has been trying to figure out my password this morning. So if you see anything unusual on my account, please call me at 503-5678900 and let me know. I have a very strong password right now so I don't think they can break it but you never know, so I...
  9. My New Rabbit

    MKV Rabbit FAQs & Newbies
    Hey Everyone! I am a new member to this site but have been "Stalking" it for the past 2 months. I am 17 and know much about cars and it's time for me to finally get my own. I have been looking at all my options and have made my final decision. I am very pleased and have confirmed the lease on a...
  10. Summer Detail bonanza

    Washing/Waxing/ Detailing
    Well the summer is here so i figured id remove all the swirls ( or at least most of which i could) that a "pro" detailer left in my paint along with other defects. First the lineup of products i used... Mothers: California gold wash Clay Bar Kit Step 2 glaze/sealer Step 3 Carnuba Wax (only...
  11. black BBS on cragslist LA

    Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    found this, maybe somebody is interested:
  12. Is there an official reason no Tiguan TDI in USA?

    Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    I have yet to hear any "official" reason for not offering the TDI version of the Tiguan in the USA. Is there an official press release somewhere? Online I have found sites that claim it's because the engine wont pass environmental regulations and others that say its because VW doesn't think...
  13. hehe should i attack my dealer?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    so about a week ago I got my CW 2 door rabbit 08. I had asked about 10000 times if the 09s were coming soon because I wanted an 09. I had been told by the manager and dealer that they werent coming untill september. So, they convinced me to get an 08. Now that I look back, I think they were...
  14. Tundra Bunny!

    VWOC Images / Video
    The rare and elusive Tundra Bunny. Only comes out when it is -2 degrees F.