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  1. 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TDI Automatic - H/dbrake sensor permanently on and beeps when moving

    TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    Hopefully the title says it all... Handbrake light/sensor is on permanently, even when handbrake is down. Once you move off it beeps constantly, goes off when you come to a halt and starts again when moving off. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do/ where to take the car to be seen?
  2. 2015 Jetta 1.8T SE w/Connectivity - Beep on lock

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    Hello VW fans! Love my new Jetta, just can stand the fact that the horn beeps whenever the doors are locked with the remote Dealer says there's no way to program it to do otherwise, I don't believe them Any advice appreciated! Tom
  3. 01 Jetta ticking

    Jetta / Bora MK4 / 1999-2004
    Hello, my 01 jetta's engine with 160k is making a sight ticking sound after warming up. The oil light blinks and beeps after an hour of driving but it looks fine when checked. No engine light. Is my engine reaching its end of time? I love this car. I uploaded a video of the sound, I'm hoping...
  4. What's that noise (3) ? !!

    Passat Owners Club
    Still getting these annoying beeps intermittently with no apparent reason . It's a series of 5/6 rapid beeps , sometimes when switching on but also just driving along ?. No message or light on dash/screen to accompany it ?. Car performing ok !!. Someone must know what it is ?. Please !!!!!!!!!!.
  5. Vw caddy 1.9tdi panel van

    TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    Hi there. Sometimes when i switch the ignition on i hear 3 beeps. can anyone advise? Many thanks
  6. What's that noise (2) !!

    Passat Owners Club
    :confused: I have a 2007 1.9 Diesel Passat. On rare occasions , generally when starting up but sometimes when driving , the car gives out a series of high-pitched rapid beeps (5 or 6) ?. This appears to be an audible alarm only , as I can't see anything on the dash panel as to its meaning ...
  7. Three beeps on switch on with no alarms

    Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Hi all, had a look and can't find a similar thread so I posted this one. I have looked in the handbook of the Tiguan however nothing about this issue. When I turn the key to allow the glowplugs, diesel, to warm up there is an audiable three beeps from under the dash. Then all is...
  8. Meaning of lock beeps?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    Hi, sorry if this is a silly question, but I was wondering what was the meaning of the beeps when locking? Sometimes when I lock the doors, I get two beeps, and sometimes only one. This is all with the remote, obviously.
  9. ATA confirm????

    Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    2010 Tiguan Comfortline (Canadian model). When setting up through the "Convenience" menu, there is a toggle for "ATA confirm. I can't find the meaning for "ATA" in the handbook. Except when checked it beeps the horn when I lock the doors. Is there any other thing it is supposed to do?????:o:o
  10. Out of no where my horn now beeps when i lock the car... can i turn it off?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    had the car since november '08... lights flash when you lock and unlock the car... no horn beeping... about 3 months ago the horn started beeping when the doors are locked... so: Was it functioning wrong before? Was there something that I did to "turn the horn on?" How do I turn the horn back...
  11. Must stop speed warning beeps - yes I have read the manual!

    Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi, just bought my new Tiguan 147 Auto. How do I disable the speed warning beeps that start at 120kph? I am driving in the UAE between Dubai and Abu Dhabi - where your car gets impounded if you're doing over 200kph but 140kph is normal - so dont say slow down. With leather, panorama roof, sat...
  12. Rabbit vs. 747 Untied Airliner

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    since i see some many threads on rabbit vs. i thought why not try unleashin it since i never raced it sooo ya i was with a buddy cruisin around the interstate...and behold u wouldn't believe what i saw floutin above e.. 747 airliner!!! so i give the 3 beeps as we are head to head...he soared...
  13. 84 rabbit help

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I just became the proud owner of an 84 Rabbit GTI, 53,000 original miles, nice car. The problem is when the tach goes over 2000 rpm's the oil pressure light comes on and it beeps loudly. There is new oil in it an the compression is also good. Can anyone give me a clue?...Thanks Terry in Pa.
  14. Rabbit vs Matrix

    Vw Rabbit VS. The Competition
    Hi, Has anyone driven a 5 speed manual Matrix and compared the 5 speed manual Rabbit. Just wondering if anyone had any info. Thanks, Sunny Bunny