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  1. Jetta Owners Club
    I signed up for a new 2017 Jetta TSI Highline (deposit paid). The car is already at the dealership but I will not be able to pick it up for a while, as I am returning a TDI under the settlement. Unfortunately, this will take time. My intention is to start this thread to discuss only about Jetta...
  2. MK1 Rabbit Engine
    Just got this in the mail today. Does this edge look normal? Or should the entire belt look like this?
  3. Volkswagen Rumors, News and Reviews
    Read more about Win a Set of Continental Tires Right Here at
  4. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Sold the Jetta TDI so no longer need this manual. (For gasser as well) $55 shipped (continental US only) PayPal OK
    Any advice is appreciated! Changed my previous set of tyres as they had worn to the metal last April with FOUR CONTINENTAL SPORT have done 6k miles since then and today noticed they are again worn from about 3inches in and are almost slick and the inner edge is bulging from the wire. Have...
  6. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 2010 mk6 golf SE 1.6 105 bluemotion. I previously had a mk5 1.9 model and was getting on avg 10 mpg more out of that. I was wondering if it was a tyre thing as to why I've lost that much mpg. I have maxxis ma-p1 on. Front with some obscure Riken tyres on the...
  7. VW CC Technical Forum
    my continental tires are cupped and making noise bad has any one else have this happen to there car
  8. CC Owners Club
    I bought a CPO 2012 CC Sport. Love it except when I hate it. The car had 14,400 miles on it when I bought it and After I put on about 3,000 miles on it I started having issues with the ride and hearing a thumping. I read a lot of threads about tire cupping issues with the Contis and that's...
  9. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    2 Continental ContiProContact SSR w/ about 70% tread, $75 each. Located in Hermosa Beach, just south of LAX. More Pix ContiProContact:
    Help! There are too many tire choices on the market. I need to replace my tires and can't make a decision. Currently I have Continental Pro 235/55R17 99H with 44K miles on them and they are worn. I'm not overly impressed with how they have held up. I'm really pushing the mileage on these...
  11. VW CC Technical Forum
    hello everyone...i'm new to the site name is jim...have a 2010ccwith dsg trans..when i accelerate hard from a stop ,i get a very bad wheel hopp from right front wheel...had it to the dealer and they replaced the body bushing,lower control arm bushings,right strut...still wheel hopps
  12. CC Owners Club
    I got a nail stuck in my rear tire, plug/patch won't work, so will have to get a new tire. I guess the tire's self seal didnt work. Car has 15k miles. Shld i get another continental tire (they are pricey), or go with any 235/40 18 tire that is decent? I am assuming the air pressure sensor is...
    I have a set of 4, 18 Inch Detroits in great condition for sale with continental sport tires(225-40-18) with a good amount of tread left, prob a year driving normally. Unfortunately no TPMS Sensors. Asking for $400, but price negotiable. Pick up only, do not want the hassle of shipping, I am...
  14. CC Owners Club
    I'm looking for some help and suggestions. I recently found a nail/screwstuck in the front driver side tire. I just bought this car about two weeks ago so this stinks! I bought my 2009 CC (Sports trim) from a VW Dealer and it is a certified used but I'm pretty sure they don't cover nails in...
  15. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    I have acquired this tire off of a wheel that I recently purchased. It is too big for the fitment I will be running so I am selling it. I tested to make sure that it holds air and it does. Tire is off the wheel now. Asking $125 shipped DSC_0047 by Jacob.Brcic, on Flickr DSC_0056 by...
  16. CC Owners Club
    I was curious if anyone has had success replacing the Continental tires with a different brand. I have had fantastic luck with Bridgestone Turanza's. Any input is appreciated!
  17. VW CC Technical Forum
    I have a 2010 CC 2.0t with 17 inch rims and 235/45 r17 continental tires. I want a tire with a lower sidewall and that is wider for better handling and cornering for everyday city/highway driving that is also good in the rain. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    I want to sell my rabbit but I'm not sure what to ask for it or how much i could possibly get. It's a 2-door from 2009. Excellent condition. 29,000 miles, 2 new continental tires, new break pads, clean title. Anyone know what the asking price should be and what i could maybe get on it?
  19. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Thinking about changing it up and seeing what interest there would be in these w/ or w/o tires. Tires are Continental Extreme Contact DW (extreme performance summer tires) I've used them in rain, snow, and ice and never had an issue. Tires have around 4k miles on them. Treadwear of 340 AA A...
  20. VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    I put 45K on my 2009 Rabbit's 225/45R17 91H Continental ContiProContact and to tell you the truth, they still have some thread on them but the sidewall just crumble. I guess is that time. Looking around and because I'm on a budget, would like suggestion for replacement tires. I know that...
1-20 of 62 Results