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  1. Polo 1.2

    Polo Owners Club
    I am driving a Polo 1.2 TDI 2012. It has 230k km's and the turbocharger is dead. The car is in service right now. Crap.
  2. Eonon GA7153A

    Passat B6 Forums
    Hello friends i thinking buy eonon ga7153a from ebay i read a lot about poor radio signal,microphone problem,sound...does anyone have some expirience with him?Right now i have rns mfd and its crap rns510 to expensive,eonon with his features looks great and not to expensive.I have vw passat b6...
  3. 2010 VW CC coolant leak question

    CC Owners Club
    So I bought this car for my daughter thinking... good reliable vehicle and good on gas yet still a little on the luxury side. Well, so far it has turned out to be a luxurious POS! Changed Coil packs, cleaned intake, replaced PVC valve, ran about 160 Oz. of Marvel Mystery oil through it, had the...
  4. Unitronic is absolutely insane!

    Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Anyone tuned with Unitronic? Stumbled upon this and I am blown away with the results from the Unitronic Stage two tune. The before and after pulls are night and day different. Holy crap! Sign me up!
  5. What should i do??

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi I'm wondering if you can give me some advice. I've just got the chance of buying a lovely old t3 camper from 88, with the bigger 112hp engine. In absolut mint condition. No rust, problems or anything. My problem is just that I don't own any other car. So if i buy this it's going to be my...
  6. Now, it won't start

    GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    Replaced the oil cooler, it was the gasket on the oil filter housing that was leaking. My buddy Gordon and I got it all buttoned up. Cranked for awhile then started up. Ran like a champ but threw a code. Ok, reset the battery and see if it throws the code again. Wrong. Now it won't f$&""_--#_...
  7. used these guys

    Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension
    hi guys,i need new front suspension for my mk4 4 golf,alas i cant afford the parts from the main dealer,ive already made the mistake of buying cheap *** crap and now i need to replace both front wishbones again....... this site says they sell gen parts and the prices are really good,does anyone...
  8. crap, I think it's engine time

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hello all, I have worked on this 1980 rabbit that belongs to a friend for about a year now, this last summer I put a webber kit on it and he and his wife loved it more than ever. Well he is not very mechanically adept and I fear he has hurt the silly rabbid. I have two questions I am hopping...
  9. '81 Diesel, new to me as of today! Many interesting issues...

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hey all, New to the forum, VWs, and diesel engines. I acted on impulse and bought myself a cute little Rabbit earlier today, almost running, and brought it home to work on it. After solving several issues (bad plugs, frayed fuel lines, unprimed injector pump, and a couple other small things)...
  10. Replacing vehicle battery

    VW Tiguan Technical
    Greetings, I just purchased a 2011 Tig/SE with 66K on the odometer. I just replaced the original AGM battery with a new AGM from NAPA. I kept 12V to the electrical system via charger and reconnected the new battery. Do I need to "reset" anything so the vehicle "knows" it's a new battery...
  11. What do you think about valvoline 75w90 full synthetic Gear oil?

    Hello everyone, today i will change my gear oil, i saw this valvoline full synthetic but before i buy the oil i want some opinions or experiences about the valvoline gear oil. Its a good gear oil? Its a crap oil? The shifts are smooth?
  12. diesel bs

    Passat Owners Club
    I , unfortunately am the owner of one of the Passat TDI's with the emissions issue. I find it extremely aggravating that I spent the extra money and time on a VW diesel , under the previous knowledge that along with the great mileage, it was a clean car. What a fraudulent move on VW's...
  13. Hood Vent/Debris Guard.

    MK1 Rabbit Body
    From the original thread Take a piece of cardboard that is square 6 inches wide and 251/2 inches long. Cut the length to 251/2 “ At the extreme edges of the cardboard measure up from the bottom 4 ¾” and place a tic...
  14. 2009 Jetta Wagon 2.5 gas Knock Sensor locations ?

    Jetta Owners Club
    I have a 2009 JSW ~98000 miles on the clock. I am getting a MIL light on and using an ODB2 reader it is throwing a P0328 code - Knock Sensor 1 circuit High Bank 1 or single sensor. I know that there are 2 sensors on my motor, green & grey leads. Any idea which one would throw that code? Where is...
  15. Automatic Speedometer Cable repair.

    MK1 Rabbit Transmission
    While changing out my Automatic's Flex plate I noticed that the outer jacket was brittle and broken, allowing dirt and crap to cause the Speedo-cable to Squeal when cold. Here is how I fixed it. I broke off the defective outer jacket. I sprayed TRI-FLOW in to the Cable spiral and in to the...
  16. Bunny is not well

    I had been having problems with the transmission shifting. I took it to a local shop they said it was the transmission and recommended replacing it, the car has 165k, I took it to the VW dealer yesterday it had not fluid in the transmission at all, The seals in the differential are leaking in...
  17. wheels. privat brand

    Jetta Owners Club
    does anyone know anything about PRIVAT wheels? are they anygood or are they crap lol.
  18. Did you know? - Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter/VW iPod adapter

    I was disappointed to find that VW only supplied the old 30 pin iPod adapter with my new Tiguan. However, for those who bought a Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter thinking it's crap (i.e. it will only charge and not provide full connectivity) you're in for a very pleasant surprise! Fixed onto...
  19. Car running like crap please help - lol

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi all I'm new to the site , just bought a mk4 golf gti 2.0 8v change plugs as was running lumping but hasn't made a difference it's running like crap like its struggling I know it's a long shot from what I've said but anyone got any ideas , or know if there's something common on these
  20. Owner's Manual

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 2011 Jetta SE and it did not come with an owner's manual? Does anybody know where I can find a downloadable copy? I've tried searching the internet, but I keep getting these weird sites that want me to download crap. Thank you!