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  1. 2019 GTI Autobahn - PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Code

    GTI MK7 / 2015 and up
    My GTI has 3700 miles on it. I was backing up the other night and the engine died twice, then started and the engine light came on. I purchased a Blue Driver OBD2 Code Diagnostic tool and it reported PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire. I am taking my car into VW tomorrow to determine the cause since it...
  2. 2015 GLI Horn issues

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    The other day my horn on my 2015 Jetta GLI got super weak. It has the OEM horn and is normally very loud but I noticed it is putting out half the normal sound. I am somewhat of new owner of the car and is my first VW so I'm having to learn where things are and what they look like. I'm having a...
  3. No power to starter

    Golf MK2 / 1983-1992
    I am the original owner of a 1986 Golf Diesel and it is my daily driver. The key to my ignition became difficult to start the engine. I had to bear down hard on the key to start the starter. Battery went dead so I replaced it and jumped the starter wires and the starter turned freely. Small...
  4. Does sunroof block UV A and UV B more than 90% in Tiguan?

    Hi, everybody. I just bought a Tiguan SE 2019 AWD with panoramic sunroof. The darkness of sunroof is good enough to me. But I know that the darkness has nothing to do with UV protection. I googled the UV protection by windows, and found mixed results. And I couldn't find any specific results for...
  5. broken spring!!

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    a few years back I replaced my struts and mounts, and I made the terrible mistake of replacing my springs, thinking that the 30 year old ones would be getting soft enough by now to be worth replacing. now I have a broken driver side spring, and Im considering replacing it with my old spring, as...
  6. Drive's side mirror adjustment after folding in

    VW Tiguan Technical
    I have noticed on my new 2019 SE the few times after we have folded the driver side mirror in, that the prior adjustment of the mirror was completely changed once we folded it back out. Anyone else have this issue? We frequently fold in the passenger side mirror, but it doesn't seem to come...
  7. 2019 SE two days old - question on noise when opening driver's door

    VW Tiguan Technical
    So glad to have found this group! As the header says, I bought my 2019 SE Tiguan on Monday. One thing we noticed is when I open the driver's door, there is a motorized sound for about 5 seconds that seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle as though something is adjusting. Anyone have...
  8. 91 MK2 GTI 1.8 In Need Of Trottle Position Sensor and pigtail.

    GTI MK2 / 1985-1992
    Hello VWOC. I have a red and black Golf GTI daily driver in north Texas. The TPS switch plastic housing has cracked and it had a erratic signal.It also somewhat disintegrated around the opening for the TB shaft . I tried a new TPS from a same year Cabriolet 1.8 (because it was available) and at...
  9. Brake Emergency

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    My 82 rabbit's brakes are doing some abnormal things: Brake light turns on when I brake, and recently the light stays on indefinitely regardless of braking. Stopping distance has increased dramatically, to where it is no longer safe to drive. Spongy brake pedal hits the floor with little...
  10. 2016 Passat TDI Fuse Diagram

    TDI General Discussion
    I need access to the diagram for the driver's side fuse panel. Please attach it as a PDF. Thanks in advance ...
  11. Shifty little problem

    Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    Good Morning All, 98 Cabrio new to me. Doesn't like going into 5th gear easily. More than half the time either binds or goes into third. Where do I start? Not a resto project just want to make it a nice daily driver. Thanks!
  12. Electro nite horse

    MKV Rabbit FAQs & Newbies
    Just purchased 83 rabbit convertible. Runs good ( a little rough at start) . Big problem is in electrical. Wipers don't work. Seatbelt and door alarms did but now don't, fan blower did but now don't. I replaced intermittent wiper module and no change. Also, does anyone know what the module that...
  13. 2015 Jetta TDI water leaks when rains *no sunroof*

    Jetta Owners Club
    I'm having a problem with water leaking inside my car when it rains. It's started very suddenly and noticed it by the smell. It's mostly in the back seat, driver side floor, but some on the car seat as well. Car is parked down hill. I was thinking at first I left the window down slightly at...
  14. Knocking/Thumping at driver's side rear when stopped

    CC Owners Club
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2014 CC VR6 4-Motion Executive with about 42K miles. I've noticed that after driving for a period of time, when I come to a stop I hear a knocking or thumping/popping sound coming from the driver's side rear of the car. Very odd. Does this have something to do with...
  15. Headliner Replacement Questions

    CC Owners Club
    Hello, I tried looking around the forum but couldn't find the answers I'm looking for. I recently purchased a 2009 VW CC and one of the few cosmetic things wrong with it is the headliner is in need of replacement. From what I've gathered from shops and online is that it's a bit of a common...
  16. Mirror Cover Has Fallen Off

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    After a "minor" bump the driver's door mirror cover has dropped off. Not quite - but it is loose. Have read some forum posts and seen a couple of you-tube videos and have concluded its fixings can vary between using just one or more clips to one or more screws. My Golf is a MK4 2003 with a 53...
  17. 02 Beetle Help

    New Beetle Technical Forum
    A couple of weeks ago my driver side window starting acting up by only going up half way then making a horrible banging noise causing me to have to put the window up with my hands. After this started happening my turns signals started to slowly but every so slightly blink slower and slower...
  18. Drivers window won't go all the way up

    EOS Owners Club
    Hi, I have a 2.0 vw eos from 2006 and the driver window doesn't want to go all the way up. I have opened the door and the window motor looked fine, no problem there. I don't k ow to check the engine motor though or if the pins connectors are all as should be (one of them looks like is missing...
  19. 2010 - 2014 VW Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Jetta Sportwagen Hood *NEW* - $150

    Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Part#: 5K0823031G Flat Black Primer; BRAND NEW in box with carrier. As of 5/06/18 I have TWO of them. If this ad is HERE, then I have at least one left! So, don't ask me if I STILL have it, if you are reading this; there is at least one left. Volkswagen Golf 2.0L TDI DIESEL A/T TDI...
  20. For Sale: 2 Brand New Golf/GTI/Sportwagen Hoods

    Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    I want all my content removed!