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  1. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    Hi guys. I’m slightly concerned about a noise coming from under the bonnet when the engine is cold. When the engine is up to temperature the noise seems to disappear. I’ve taken it to a few mechanics and they haven’t got a clue. All service up to date including cam-belt change. Golf 2015 MK 7...
  2. Passat B7 Forums
    This noise starts only after the engine has warmed up, and not when cold...There is no performance loss, no vibrations - just a loud diesel-like rattling and clacking that's noticeable at idle when stopped. The noise almost disappears if you barely hold the accelerator to keep revs around 1000...
  3. Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Just bought a new 2016 SE model. I'm really surprised at how noisy the TSI engine is. Even in the cabin, the engine noise, especially when accelerating, is quite loud. I have to wonder if this is normal for this model? Any known remedy?
  4. Passat Owners Club
    I have no clue what this is. Does anyone know what could be making this sound?
  5. TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    Can anyone tell what this squecking noise is coming from belt side of a 05 sdi caddy below is a YouTube link to here what it is like
    Anyone has the same noise? 2012 VW Tiguan Engine noise (Water pump problem?)
    I have owned my 2009 rabbit 2.5 for a few weeks now and haven't had the hood open with the car on too much. I noticed yesterday a slight ticking niose coming from the engine while idling, but can't pinpoint the location. I've read as much as I could about it, and have found that these engines...
  8. Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    I own and maintain a completely bone stock 06 Rabbit. The car is a 6-speed automatic. I have recentlly noticed a rather loud, odd, noise coming from the engine bay. It happens around 1150-1500 rpms but heavily concentrated in 1200-1400 rpms and It occurs at idle to 1500 rpms when the car is...
1-9 of 11 Results