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  1. Polo Owners Club
    Hello everyone. Have any of you experienced issues with a rattle from your exhaust system. I have a 2019 Polo TSI and there is always a rattle when I take off. What could be causing it? Sent from my SM-A750F using Tapatalk
    Hi yall, It's been quite some time since I last logged in so long time no see/post/chat/etc. I have an 08 Rabbit S and my MFD, in the beginning after filling the fuel tank, would show that it would be between 280 to 320 miles before my next fill up. Now, it's showing that I can go over 400...
  3. Passat Owners Club
    Has anyone experienced a failure of their SiriusXM radio to load due to an antenna fault code? If so, what have you done? Do you know how to get to your antenna lead without going to the dealer where they want to charge $135 to start and upwards of $650 to find and repair said lead? Radio...
  4. Passat Owners Club
    I have a passt 2012 TSI. The transmission fluid was replaced recently and since then there is a wrench that appears on the display where the gear selection shows. This happens after 10mins of the car running. Once the car runs for a longer period and i switch off the engine, the car will not...
    I got a new 2018 Tiguan SEL. The navigation system seems to have very limited function and it is impossible to get the POI's displayed other than the 3 that came with the car. It looks like you have to select them and down load them somewhere and then load them to the navigation system...
  6. Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Hi I have a 2016 Tiguan with 18k miles. The rear tyres are the original ones. I have noted a noise from the rear of the car which I surmised may be a wheel bearing. The car was due its service so I asked the dealer to investigate. They tell me that the rear tyres are wearing unevenly and that...
    Upon entering the vehicle there is a click and then the yellow power steering malfunction light blinks on and off once. Has anyone else experienced this? I hear it is the key entry check. Thanks
  8. EOS Owners Club
    Just purchased VW EOS 2.0T 2009 with Lambo Doors. See attachment, dose anyone have experienced problems with Lambo Doors? Safety wise?
  9. TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    Hi. Has anyone heard of or experienced any factory issues with the gearbox for these models? Has it been upgraded by any chance with the 2010 or 2015 models? TIA
  10. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi guys, I have replaced my engine over a year ago now, due to a conrod snapping and ruining my engine. Just wondered if anybody else has experienced the same and is it common at all? My engine code is BXE, wonder if its more common on them?
  11. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hi All I recently replaced the head gasket on my 1981 caddy diesel. Shortly after, I was driving around town for about 30-45 mins, and then I drove on the highway, which was the first time I got up to higher speeds. I experienced engine runaway once I was on the highway. I was able to get the...
  12. Golf MK7 / 2015 and up
    Has anyone else experienced difficulties with the way the 6 speed automatic operates. I have experienced shifting problems mainly very hard up and downshifting problems. At times it slams into gear. Cannot recreate problem for dealer. Dealer has car now for second time. trouble started around...
  13. Scirocco Owners Club
    Hello this is the first club I have ever joined so I am a little inexperienced. I need to purchase hand brake cables for my Scirocco. I have tried the various suppliers on the internet and local retailers with no joy. Can any one supply these, please, or tell me where I can get hold of some...
  14. Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    The car runs great, however when placing the shifter in R with the AM portion of the radio playing it emits loud buzzing sound. The back up display is dark enough to render the display useless. Can"t listen to the AM side of the radio because of constant static. Took it back to the dealer and...
  15. GTI MK3 / 1993-1999
    I have a 1997 VW Golf GTI with a 2.0 engine with a five speed. I have not been able to locate the problem. I am interested in talking to someone who has experienced the same problem or has seen before and has identified the fault and the cure. I have replaced just about everything imaginable on...
  16. Golf Owners Club
    Hi I have a 2.0 TDI Golf - 2011 - I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced fuel problems/juddering and misfiring / loss of power - when the engine is cold. My local garage has found tiny metal filings in my fuel filter but no fault codes have come up and it is intermittant. I have read...
  17. Passat Owners Club
    Good morning. I am a first time Volkswagen owner. I purchased a 2015 Passat Limited. I am noticing the past several mornings that my backup camera will not turn on. Once it does it appears to work fine the rest of the day. Has anyone else experienced this and is there something I am doing...
  18. Routan Owners Club
    Handle pulls (but doesn't feel right)... the seat back side _furthest_ from the handle seems to release, but not the near one. Anyone experienced this? JW
  19. GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    Hey everyone in VWOC, I currently own a 2009 GTI . Love the car , I am getting a check engine code of P0236 which has something to with the Turbo boost sensor. The turbo seems to be fine at time but then just lags at other times. Has anyone experienced this? If so, where do I start...
1-19 of 104 Results