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    need some help, 08 rabbit standard, tires seem to be bouncing feeling every bump, kind of like a grinding or rubbing noise when turning wheel left and right, sometimes ill hear a pop when i first drive away from my house.. like I ran over a big rock.. did some research possible cv joints? not...
  2. Passat B7 Forums
    2012 with 61K miles. Shop says it needs control arms, bushings and ball joints. The whole front end is loose. First, what would cause it to need control arms so soon? Also, is it possible that bushings and ball joints would fix the problem? Looking at almost $1,400 for the whole deal. $700...
  3. Air-cooled Owners Club
    well got my first beetle, 1967, but has a later ball joint front end, so my question / request is for some one around Birmingham (UK) who can press new ball joints in the arms thanks in advance
    Hello All,. So my dealer wants $300 each CV joint. I look under the car and inspected the joints, visually they look fine, boots look great and no leaks. question is should these be replaced regardless due too millage? 2007 Bunny, 120k, 2.5 w/auto
  5. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    I have a howling sound coming from my driveline. Am I correct in assuming that it is the right side CV joint if it get worse when I turn to the left? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Am going to be replacing the front wheel bearing assembly, both sides. Whole assembly, not just new bearings. What do I need to replace the ball joints when doing this? Not sure if it really needs it but we are on country gravel and dirt roads at least 50% of my driving and with this older...
  7. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    My GTI has a couple issues lately. First issue is when going over bumps the car feels like it's going to crumble the shocks aren't absorbing the impact or something. And I just replaced them with brand new KYB Gas Shocks. Second problem probably the same issue as the first but when jacking...
  8. Jetta / Bora MK5 / 2005–2010
    Getting ready to do a front driver side wheel bearing. Should i plan on doing the ball joints too while i have everything apart? Are there parts i should be prepared to replace while i am in there beside the bearing hub?
  9. Passat Owners Club
    Hey there VWOC users!! let me get straight top the point - im buying parts online cause the parts locally are all OVER priced and do not have the exact parts i need - anyway i was wondering what parts from other VW Passats are compatible with my VW Passat 2002 2.3 V5 Saloon...The parts im most...
  10. MK1 Rabbit Transmission
    Just finished replacing struts, drive axles, ball joints and tie rods on the 1980 diesel rabbit. Started it up this morning put it in gear to back out of the driveway and she wouldn't move! Tried both reverse and 1st and 2nd gears, it feels like the brake is on when I begin to let the clutch out...
  11. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I went to have the front end aligned and was told and I saw considerable movement in both front wheels. I was told this was bad front wheel bearings. These bearing were changed about 50k miles ago when they made considerable howling noise. Seems to me these should not be failing so soon also...
  12. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Huge dead spot, steering wheel feels like its not connected to anything for a split second, there is no steering within the 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock position. Here is a video:
  13. Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    In the last month I have gone through three left outer CV joints. They have also replaced the left inner CV and wheel bearing. After less then 100 km I can hear the CV again. What is causing this?
  14. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Just bought an 85' Cabriolet that had struts, cv shafts, ball joints and alignment all done. It rides and steers like a dream and had three mechanics at work (these are master mechanics) look it over - its in tip top shape. However, when you make a SHARP left turn or come upan incline at a fast...
  15. GTI MK3 / 1993-1999
    Hi everyone I am a newbie and i got this 2.0 8v gti since May this year.I have got this noise (kook)and its very significant especially reversing.I have done d following..lower arm bushes,tie rod end,absorber and absorber mounting,ball joints and even d anti roll bar bushes were all changed and...
  16. Passat New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Since I have had the car which is coming up to a year, there has been a persistant rattling underneath the front passenger side. This is more noticeable when driving on bumpy roads which to me indicates that something is loose. However, after numerous garage visits of bearings and ball joints...
1-16 of 39 Results