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    If anybody in the area could help me out that would be great! just looking to turn off drl and roll my windows down with the fob!!
  2. Jetta / Bora MK5 / 2005–2010
    My airbag light came on last night and I thought I saw it on here but I can't find it:/ Anyone know how to turn it off without going to VW? Thanks.
    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that CARiD has just become way sexier since we have revamped our Model of the Month contest for 2012. From now you can check out all the beautiful entries we got for Jan 2012 at Model Of The Month | Car Accessories Blog. So check out the girls’ pics...
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    Unaclocker was moderated, I spose for curse wording of texts. But I can't get him unmoderated? any suggestions? Any and all help would be appreciated. Briano
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    You now have permissions to promote articles, edit articles, etc. with the CMS. You can find info on the CMS here ken
  6. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Help me empty the parts bin. Jetta/GTI front bumper swap: includes the following - 1 PG Jetta bumper - trimmed to fit, in fair condition - 1 RS Jetta bumper - in good condition - 1 GTI main grill - 1 Jetta main grill painted black (warped tabs from previous owner attempting to strip...
  7. MKV Mods and Installs
    i wanna install lowering spring the neuspeed race spring but one problem i have 300 bucks im getting them for 219 shipped but i only have 300 bucks and i cant install them myself dont have the tools or patience and all the shops are asking for 150 to install them is that a good price or am i...
  8. MKV Mods and Installs
    So I've been looking at the Enkei GW8s... What do you guys think? I'd be slapping them on my black MK5 bunny. I alwasy liked the black on black thing for some reason =P that's the link to the manufacturer's site with teh wheels
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    Can everyone see this ok? if you can, please post so I know you can.. -ken
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    The ROC rules says there is a profanity censor. Is it not activated or what?
  11. MKV Rabbit FAQs & Newbies
    Hey Folks, Just checking in from Carmel NY. I just bought an 09 candy white 2dr auto. I am coming from a 2000 2.0L Beetle, and a 2000 Nissan Xterra. Both were 5 speeds, I test drove the 5 speed Rabbit and was planing on buying that but had to go on vacation and it was sold while away. Only...
  12. VWOC Images / Video
    Can someone please show me a pic of a candy white rabbit or gti with joey modded stock rabbit headlights??? Sorry if its not in the right section
  13. MKV Mods and Installs
    my parents are being annoying little f%^&*'s and wont let me take the rabbit and 2.5 off claiming they "like it"...BS:mad: does anyone have reason that i can tell them to persuade them to take it off it kills me inside seeing those damn things
  14. Private Party 'Wanted' Classifieds
    Topic says it all, anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  15. MKV Mods and Installs
    Does anyone know where I can get an H&R sport cup kit besides tirerack, it's not available at the fatory where im located.
  16. SHOPPING / TEST DRIVING - New and Used Volkswagens
    I'm the proud owner of a 2009 black rabbit. This rabbit just so happened to be the Last one on the VW lot by my house. I say last cause the dealership is not ordering any more until the 2010 Golfs come out sometime in Sept. Lucky for me it happened to be a Five-Speed with a sunroof and cold...
  17. VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    I am trying to replace my spark plugs and have run into a problem with the wiring harness for the coil packs. The entire wiring harness for the coil packs appears to enclosed in a plastic wrap that is secured to the top of the engine. Typically there would be enough slack in the wires for me to...
  18. MODERATOR's Forum
    Hey all. Quick FYI, over the last two weeks user "edesousa" has created multiple accounts to post/stir **** up in the forums. In the "Attention Spring Thaw" thread he said he hoped the ROC people would crash their ricer rabbits, and in the "500hp Rabbit" thread he created a new account to pick...
  19. MKV Mods and Installs
    So I installed a leather wrapped steering wheel from a Jetta into the Rabbit today. Here are some pics I took of the aftermath. All in all I'd rate this as a 5-10, if you are ok with simple hand tools you can do this mod. I cannot stress enough making sure your steering wheel is completely...
  20. mfd

    MKV Rabbit FAQs & Newbies
    i was reading this thread but i have an 09 rabbit and i dont have the trip button on my rabbit so i was wondering how would i be able to do those things talked about in that thread