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  1. confusing turbo problems

    Passat B6 Forums
    i have little power upto 2000rpm, then it takes off like a rocket in first gear, high revs no problem, the turbo whistling like crazy, by the time im getting to about 60 mph its feeling differant if i push it to 70-80 it over boosts and goes into limp mode, restart and off we go again. its ticks...
  2. 1973 VW Beetle

    Beetle Owners Club
    I recently purchased a Beetle, drove like a dream for about two weeks and then all of a sudden, as soon as I go home after work and gets caught up in traffic, floods and stalls. I then have to pull off and wait 'till the little lady starts again. I think the start - pull away for kilometers on...
  3. 1988 Polo c1000 44000 miles

    Polo Owners Club
    Apologies if this is not the right area! Not sure if the Polo is air cooled - it has a radiator! Anyway in the hope someone will read this and point us in the right direction. The car has been owned from new by one lady owner. MOT and service history available. Interior excellent. Exterior...
  4. Synchro 4wd

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    We have a 1990 VW Vanagon Synchro 4WD and have not found any other listings to give us an idea of what to ask for as a sale price. This is an estate car. The lady died of cancer and we are going to sell it and give the money to the American Cancer Association. If anyone could help us price this...
  5. WTS: 2013 Golf TSI White (CHEAP!)

    Private Party Car 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Hi there wanna sell my golf tsi year 2013 and i am the first lady owner details as below: Color: White* Accessories: 3M Anti-theft...Airbag driver...Airbag passenger...ABS Brakes...18'vossen sport rims...michelin 225/40zr18 (85%new) volkswagen*Mileage: 15636 model: golf tsi year: 2013 auto*Car...
  6. hi all

    VW Polo Photo Gallery
    just bought a polo gt tdi 2005 black 5 doors 1 lady owner from new 35000 on clock car is like new, yeehaa, is there anyone out there with another gt tdi in cornwall , cheers surfer11:D:
  7. Ive inherited a polo

    Polo Owners Club
    Hello anyone everyone Ive just been given a Polo by a lady in her nineties who has owned it since she bought it new back in 1991 so its 22 years old and has main dealer full service history each and every mot certificate and has done 16,745 miles and its been kept in a garage. The car is as...
  8. Spark Plug Costs - Question

    Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    I was over at the Stealer the other day for unrelated matters and they mentioned that I needed new plugs in our 2010 2.0 turbo. I asked how much (since it was in the bay) and they slid me a print estimate that, I thought, said $19.60. I told them that was great - less than $5 a plug plus, I...
  9. What engine?

    Golf MK2 / 1983-1992
    WOOOH lol Hello everyone , im buying my very first Rabbit, Also my first Volkswagen! Ive always loved Vw's, Always loved the rabbits and golfs, And I came across one for 600$! So I am buying it. The problem is I have no clue what engine it is, and The lady im buying it off of said someone...
  10. Help - lady driver confused!

    Golf MK3 / 1993-1998
    Hi, I own a 1997 VW Golf 1.8 SE Auto. A couple of days ago I ran out of petrol and had to leave car with hazard lights on while I went to get petrol. Ever since then every time I use the indicators the hazard lights also come on. I have to turn the indicator off and press the hazard light button...
  11. Check out these unique cars
  12. may be buying a 84 rabbit gti?

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    i bought a 96 jetta from a lady for 300$ and it sat since 08 it was her dads and he passed. i recently found out she has a 84 rabbit gti in the garage.. been in there since 96!! it showes it has 40,000 miles but she said that stopped working a while before she stopped driving it. STILL 40,000...
  13. 81 rabbit Custom 1.6 Lean on front driver side

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    ok i bought this rabbit for my lady. she loves them. i would like to fix it up and what im noticeing is that the Front diver side is leaning guess its the Spring. i looked at the front suspention and it seams to me its a bit tired.... what all do i need to do a good susp...
  14. The Fast Lane :)

    VWOC Images / Video
    Not sure if this has been posted but I thought it was awesome :)
  15. Lady driving Rabbit from Tejas to Cali

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hey fellow Rabbit owners! I've had my Rabbit for about 4 or 5 months now and I'm absolutely in love with it. She's a 1980 burnt orange convertible. My mechanic just finished replacing a lot of her parts - suspension, clutch, shocks, etc. and also gave her some new seats and carpeting which was...
  16. German Millitary Plate

    MKV Mods and Installs
    This is whats going on my front end, its a german millitary plate.. mkv2.5vR.. MKV 2.5 Volkswagen Rabbit
  17. anyone going to this???

    South Atlantic : Fla., Ga., N.C., S.C. just saw this on didnt know if anyone was going?
  18. mkv badge..what do you all think?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    So i've been off from work these past couple days, and so out of impulse buying I ordered the mkv badge from was gonna take out the 2.5 and replace it with the mkv badge. Now having a bit of buyers remorse and wondering whether or not I should put it...just looking for some input
  19. Symphany or Concert stereo?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    I went to order a new stereo manual for my 2008 4D Rabbit and the lady asked me if I had a Symphany or Concert stereo... I have no idea... I know I have the 6-disc changer but that didn't give her any information. I'm hoping that one of you guys will know the difference. Thanks, :Ciao:
  20. Taking a cruise to PA. need advice

    Mid-Atlantic : Del., Md., N.J., Pa., D.C.
    Hello folks! Im driving to Pittburgh in December. Just wondering what is the max you can go without getting yanked by the porkers. Say the Speed limit id 65, is 75 ok? Here in Canada if you were going 100KMH you are fine till 119KMH. I dont know the tolerance for American cops. So, what is...