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  1. Passat Owners Club
    Hey all, I have a 2001 Vw passat 2.0 petrol.. When's the cambelt due? 80k mines had a belt done at 89k in 05 and it's only on 126k now... Is this ok?
  2. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    my rabbit is a 2nd half of 84 rabbit. but i have 2 choices when i go to buy a cat? one with a vent pipe and one car doesnt look to have one now but i dont know if it is original equipment or not. how do i go about knowing which one to buy? both options with and without an air tube...
    what muffler should i put on my 07 rabbit trying to hook it up lil by lil !!??? :)
  4. Jetta Owners Club
    Well i Am a new owner of a 03 VW Jetta Wolfsburg editon and the car drive great the only problem is that im coming from a soft brake pedal (maxima) to a Stiff Brake Pedal. Any Idea on how i can Soften it up maybe new brake?
  5. Volkswagen Tiguan Photo Gallery
    Out and about around Timber Oregon. This is a cool lil' Post Office we stopped at. Photo shot with iPhone 4S using Instagram App.
  6. Jetta Owners Club
    so i just recently got my first volkswagen jetta 2010 model and i LOVE LOVE it,but now im scared cause im due for an oil change,and i wanna do it myself only cause those instant oil change places scare me,and all my local VW dealers are booked till sometime in sept! so can anyone that knows how...
  7. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    What would be the best not for an 1982 rabbit vert? I have been looking all over the interweb and have become a little confused lil
    So kitty and I spoke and cam up with horhey for my vanity plate so far that's my choice just wondering if any one has some fun ideas .. I'm the rican of ROC as far as I know I'm a plumber .. Umm that's about all the info I got to give.. HORHEY FLUSH POOP PEWP Those r some of my own ideas...
    some of the people on this site are real dumb asses who don't know **** about cars an should not be let near one. lil lone drive one. so im done with this site. done getting critized for trying to help some of you. :whack::whack:
  10. VWOC Images / Video
    Gorging myself on vintage Top Gear I found a clip praising the MKII Golf. Thought I'd share. And yes, it is a bit grainy but whatever. :)
  11. Volkswagen and Aftermarket Accessories
    currently i have the pioneer sub installed (farther one in the back). in my daily driver i have the jl audio box. both subs are 12 inches. of course i'm not going to achieve the same thump out of the pioneer box, but i'm thinking i'll get a better thump if i swap one of the jl audio subs with...
  12. Your VW Rabbit Photo Gallery
    2009 Rabbit "Thunderbunny" package sittin' on 18" Karthoum Black Wheels and Eibach Sportline springs, Sport package, 5-Speed, Cold weather package Please excuse the s*** camera.
  13. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    Just cleaning some stuff outta the garage... Removed the engine cover after a year of having the car. I guess if you need to go back to stock, or wanna do a lil project... It's yours for 75$/obo + shipping in continental US. Cheers.
  14. MKV Mods and Installs
    whats the deal, they are ridiculously cheap. Anybody tried them?
  15. MKV Mods and Installs
    so I've been thinking about painting my engine cover and i could use a few opinions on the matter. i photo shopped an idea i had so please let me know what you think. the calipers are already painted, but they are suppose to match. hopefully i attached these photos right
  16. Your VW Rabbit Photo Gallery
    so me and a few friends went for lil' shoot a few nights ago...
  17. MKV Mods and Installs
    hey i just got the mesh grill and im gonna install it but first im gonna do a lil paint project (: but i was wondering my car is black and i was thinking well what if i painted the mesh part black would that look sick or just keep it silver?
  18. Private Party 'Wanted' Classifieds
    I'm looking for a set of wheels so I can get rid of these horrible hub caps. I'm open to all offers so show me what you have! Thanks, Dean
1-19 of 76 Results