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  1. Torque, camshaft drive belt sprocket to crankshaft

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I have a 1.6 D engine code ME. Late 1984 -??, My Bentley manual doesn't list that engine code and there three different specs that vary greatly. Does anyone know the spec for this engine? The bolt is 14mm with a standard 6 point hex head.
  2. Interior lights on 2010 2.0 sport

    CC Owners Club
    Rear dome lights aren't working anyone know which fuse I should replace? My manual doesn't list which one and Google searches haven't worked. Please advise. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. 1982 VW Rabbit LS (gas)

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Anyone have access to a parts list or a list of parts and their numbers? Looking for cosmetic items for interior and have no clue where I can get part numbers. Anyone? Tks, Enri
  4. Just purchased a VW, what next?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey guys, so looks like I'm a brand new owner of my first VW, and its a 2011 Golf TDI. Im a bit of a modded myself so of course I have to get a set list of stuff to do to the car. My thoughts atm are: Weathertech floor mats Some plastidip on the emblems A tune from malone or someone for...
  5. Lack of acceleration

    TDI General Discussion
    I am having lack of acceleration. I can get up to speed and start my car fine. Time after time without fail. At first I thought it was my turbo not giving me boost and maybe had a leak. So I checked the pressure going into the intake and it's fine. Then I checked my exhaust thinking there was a...
  6. Self Service opinion

    Golf MK3 / 1993-1998
    Hello. My VW VR6 needs a service, and I am not having a garage do it. Any advise on the best of the following: Spark plugs Air filter Oil filter Oil Coolant any other items ive forgotten Thank you peeps
  7. All Wheel Drive?

    My Tiguan got stuck in my Driveway this morning in 8" of snow. My Plate is "SNOWYDAY". Very aggravating! I took my wife's Cayenne GTS. No issue at all. Anyone else have problems with the all wheel drive? Joe:(
  8. Just an observation

    Passat Owners Club
    Hi, On viewing the site , I noted that people had viewed my post but no replies. I then looked down the list of other posts and it seems that hundreds view posts but very few members seem to reply. On some posts ,in excess of 300 people view but perhaps there are only two replies. Just a...
  9. What do i have to do engine wise?

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Okay so i dont own a golf atm im looking into buying a mk4 golf 1.8t... lets just say money is no object what would i have to do to the engine to get a nice safe bhp level? a list of mods would be good and estimated BHP after? cheers.
  10. Coil Over conversion ?'s

    Does anybody know if Rokkor Coil overs off of a MK2 will fit on a MK1?
  11. Battery

    VW CC Technical Forum
    Last night I've touched by mistake the wrong terminals with the battery cables. This morning the battery was dead, I've changed the battery, but when I start the car the battery red light is on. Anyone has any idea what it can be? Thank you
  12. Online catalog of VW part numbers

    Jetta Owners Club
    Is there an official online site for looking up VW part numbers. I am looking for something similar to the Mercedes Benz EPCnet online catalog. I have the Bentley manual for the specific car in question (2004 Jetta wagon 2.0L BEV) but I haven't seen any list of part numbers. Any help is...
  13. 2009 Tiguan Engine Noise

    My 2009 Tiguan 2.0T has 78,000 miles and developed a loud whistle/squeal. Noise lessened on acceleration and idle was rough also. After some investigating on the web it seemed the problem might be the PCV/Crankcase breather. I purchased a new one from the dealer, $174.00 list less 20%...
  14. 80K check for rabbit

    The dealer has a long list of items .. what are things that should done?
  15. first time rabbit builder

    MKV Mods and Installs
    i just bought a 1984 1.8L 16 valve rabbit. this is my first attempt at a VW but have built many other cars. my questioun for everyone that reads this is, what would be a good list of thing to building my motor with before port, pollishing, turbo charging ect.
  16. HVAC intake

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I broke the nozzle that the vaccum hose hooks to on my HVAC intake and I am looking around local junk yards to see if I can find a replacement. Can anyone give me a quick list of compatibles? I'm seeing some 80's models Cariolets, a few old Golfs and GTI's. Thanks!
  17. Looking for suggestions fo rnew tires

    Passat B7 Forums
    Hi everyone, I'm researching a new set of tires for my 2012 TDi SEL. I love the car, but I was always bothered by the tire noise from the Kumho's the car came with. I did a bit of searching in the B7 forum and didn't find any content about tires.. (I wonder if I didn't search correctly) but I...
  18. CC HELP!

    CC Owners Club
    Just purchased a 2012 CC lux limited with only 681 miles on it. But it has no back up camera! I have searched the OEM parts companies and they don't list a back up camera. Does anyone know where I can get a back up camera for my car?
  19. new

    Jetta New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi everyone im new I drive a gold 2000 1.6 bora that has a list of problems inside and outside is in mint order apart from dents in the bonnet so I will be on the look out for a gold bonnet iv joined up for some help and advice on an engine swap the motor in is on 147k so has its problems so...
  20. jetta SD slot

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    I own a 2011 VW jetta and an annoying thing stared to happen. I use the SD slot for music and since yesterday every time i start the engine it starts to play from the beginning of the track list.This didn't happen until now. Does anyone know how to make it play from the previous track? Thanks