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  1. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    So i started my first journey into replacing the intake manifold gasket and the exhaust manifold gasket. Ive been soaking the bolts with Kroil and PB as they are really rusty. Any tips or tricks i should be aware of? And whats the key to taking off the spring clips that are connected to the down...
  2. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    1981 Rabbit, 1.7L CIS Fuel is definitely getting to the 'fuel distributor' because I had a leak in the cold start valve fuel line and fuel was abundant. That is, I'm confident everything before the fuel distributor is pressurized. However, the car was not starting (this is after a full engine...
  3. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker. Just installed a new Intake Manifold and other fun/difficult hoses on my 2013 (Mk6) Golf 2.5L and wanted to throw anyone a bone before pitching the OEM plastic pieces into recycling. Happy August Long! Drive Safe! -M.
  4. Passat Owners Club
    2012 Passat. 2.5L. 98,000 miles. Original owner. My tale of woe begins in October. Had it in for the yearly emission/inspection test. Was told the MAP sensor failed and didn't pass inspection. The shop it was at offered to fix it for $150.00. Went home, googled (of course), MAP sensor...
  5. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    this is my first post i have golf gt 1,4 tsi 2008 and check engine lamp appeard nd obd reader show me error P2015 and i can feel the car is more heavier with little increase in fuel consumption Help me how can i fix it DIY thanx guys
  6. CC Owners Club
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their factory throttle or intake manifold. A while back my 2010 CC 2.0T Sport started sputtering, bogging out and shaking the car, when I tried to hit the throttle hard. Now, every time I try to accelerate very quickly or I’m heavy on the...
  7. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello everyone,, Just bought a 2011 GTI and on the drive home the check engine light came on. OBDII scanner showed two codes - P0133 (O2 sensor) and P2015 (intake manifold). Which one should I replace? The car sat in a garage for about a monthbefore I bought it - is there a chance
  8. New Beetle Technical Forum
    could someone tell me the name of the hose , i think its a vacuum hose, that bolts to the bottom of the intake manifold top(the part that you see when you open the bonnet) its rigid plastic and runs from the left side of the engine to the right thank you
  9. Passat New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Howdy My 04 v5 Passat 2.3l is running rough and the engine codes are showing a misfire on cylinder 4. I've ordered a coil pack and plug but I've realized I've got to get under the alloy intake manifold to get to the coil packs. Thanks in advance if someone could tell me what is involved lifting...
  10. GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    Hello everyone, I have a 2007 Vw Gti 2.0 Turbo and got a P0330 code on my OBDII. Car was losing mpg and was feeling a weird vibration. Took my OBDII and it read the knock sensor code. I managed to get to both knock sensors (Green and Brown) in the front of the engine by removing the Intake...
  11. CC Newbs / CC FAQs
    Hi folks, I have a 2010 CC. I have recently run into a bunch of unforeseen issues that I thought I would share and see if anyone else has had similar issues. I should also say when she is running good, she is running good. I stated the year out with a rear main seal repair ($2000), followed...
    Hello. I have an '18 Tiguan SEL. It's less than a month old. It seems to me that it has a hesitation but only when cold. Has anyone else noticed this? I've tried sport mode, normal mode, manual shift, etc. but it's still there. The dealer says it may be characteristic of the car...
  13. Jetta New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    I can't remove the two bolts on the underside of the intake manifold. What is the proper tool. 8m triple square socket is close but no cigar? Please help
1-13 of 419 Results