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  1. Jetta Owners Club
    So I bought myself a 2003 Jetta GL Wagon, 5 speed. I welcome all new friends and those who know where to get parts for good prices lol. This is my first VW and it's a bit of a mechanic special, but it runs and the motor and transmission are solid, as well as the frame.
  2. Beetle Owners Club
    Hello all. Buying this car. It runs and drives and owner said he thinks previous owner said engine has been rebuilt. I'm bringing mechanic with me to look at it but now sure he's all that familiar with this car. Anything advice as to what to look for/check wold be greatly appreciated.
  3. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2010 MK6 Golf 1.6 TDI. The service display was illuminated when I bought the car, so I put it into my local mechanic who completed a full service. He then attempted to reset the display, but the button on the left hand side of the dash would not work to initiate the...
  4. Air-cooled Owners Club
    hi are there any aircooled savvy guys in bmouth/poole that could come help me tune/get running my 65 beetle 1600tp? im stuck at moment as very frustrated with it it was running "ok"with points but flat spot so decided to go elec ignition route new dizzy/coil/plus/leads all i can now get it to...
  5. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    My 93 Cabriolet, has AC and after I got it repaired last week, I notticed that when I tuen on the fan on the AC settings, the RPMs stay at the same level, around 900rpm. before I got the AC fixed, the RPMs will rise up to 1200rpm. I asked the mechanic and he is playing dumb. Do you gusy know...
  6. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a93 cabriolet, and recently I am having issues with the iddling. I took it ot a mechanic and he is telling me that the MASF is bad and needs replacment. Do you guys know of a better way to ffix this problem or a good replacement part? Thank you
  7. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Hello all, Recently purchased a 2009 VW Golf MK6 2.0TDI. I am getting the coil light flashing along with engine management light on. My local mechanic says not to worry about this sensor until MOT time( October 2019). I am worried this may cause damage to DPF or any other components or worried...
  8. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Does anyone know a good classic beetle mechanic in mid Missouri. The last guy who worked on my car did more damage than good.
  9. Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Looks like my water pump has gone out...mechanic researching (non vw mechanic), 96k miles. Since they have to rip into it to potentially replace it is there anything I should also do during this maintenance w/ the mileage on the vehicle? Also, any ball park on $$$$$ of something like...
  10. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I have 1981 Caddy with 1.6l diesel. I have got it to start, I though it was the fuel pump, changed it and same old thing. I can spray starting fluid and it will run until that is gone. I took it to a Volkswagen mechanic and he said that the engine did not have enough compression to pull fuel to...
  11. Passat Owners Club
    I recently bought a 2017 Passat R-line and when I drive down the road and hit a bump there's a noise that sounds like metal to metal coming from the rear end of the vehicle. Sounds as if somethings hanging and every time I hit a bump it swings up and hits something. I took it to a mechanic...
  12. VW CC Technical Forum
    My 2012 cc Lux Plus is due for a full service and I want to do it myself. I'm no mechanic but I want to learn my car. Can anyone advise me on what it is I have to complete (a also want to change the sparks). How do I reset the car computer to read that it has been done etc. Any advise is helpful
  13. Beetle Newbs / FAQs
    I recently purchased a 1970 Beetle and was wondering if there were any mechanics in my area that could be recommended to help me keep it in top condition. I live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia in the King of Prussia area. Thanks!
  14. Jetta / Bora MK4 / 1999-2004
    Hello, just got back from a mechanic that i need to replace an engine coolant sensor. Code: P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1: Circuit range/performance. Problem is, i dont know which one to buy ? Can you please help me out ? Thanks
  15. GTI MK7 / 2015 and up
    I was down a quart at the time for my second oil change. My mechanic said this is not unusual for these cars. Any comments?
  16. Beetle Owners Club
    My son is in the Navy and has been deployed. He gave me for safekeeping his restored 67 Beetle. I'm looking for a mechanic in the Dayton-Cincinnati area who specializes in VW work. Thanks.
  17. New Beetle Technical Forum
    Hi as title, I am not a mechanic by trade, I am a wood spoiler, you know carpenter and joiner. I am practical and with a little help from you guys I will tackle the basics in a safe manner. I'm a family man living in England in the county of Essex. One of my cars is a 2002 VW Beetle,yellow...
  18. Passat Owners Club
    Hi I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction. i have a 2003 passat 2.0 l petrol and for a while it has issues every so often about starting.been parked for a couple of weeks over xmas and when i went to use it it refuses to start. The epc light and engine management light are both...
  19. Air-cooled Owners Club
    Hi everyone, just got back into owning a bug after a 20 year hiatus. I have a 1967, which has had the usual messed up repairs over the years, and I plan to put it back to original shape. It's a 67, but someone has put later doors on it, and it looks like the seats were replaced at some point as...
    Started making noises, it looked like the right front CV axle needed to be replaced. When the mechanic got in there turned out the transmission (standard) housing was damaged. Replacing the transmission estimate is $2000-3000. The car has other problems, the AC generator went out and needs to...
1-20 of 209 Results