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  1. Private Party 'For Sale' Classifieds
    KO3 for sale Got it in a trade and don’t need it anymore, turbo looks good
    $150 USD
  2. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hello All, Bit of a mission here. Bought the car and was running fine for the first few months but then started having trouble starting the engine so was recommended to get a new crankshaft position sensor and battery. Done all of this but now after getting the battery fitted car has developed...
  3. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi. I have recently brought a Mk5 Golf 1.9tdi SE. The wheels are badly scuffed. 15inch rims. Does anyone know how big a rim I can fit with no mods and what size tyres I would need. Ta. jonslr88.
  4. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi guys and girls. Brought a 2004 golf gt tdi few nights back (bad move when I couldn't find diesel and was on reserve aha) does have some problems as expected that I am hoping for some advice please. Have asked on a Facebook page but had no response. Has the usual boot won't open from...
  5. GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    I just bought a 2009 Golf Gti but dont know if it has a bluetooth module. I've read that the module might be under the passenger seat, but I only see the XM receiver. Thanks for any help!!
  6. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi All, Complicated one here, I hope I explain it all ok. I currently have a MK5 Golf, 2005 (55 Plate) 1.4 petrol automatic and there seems to be something going on with ever the acceleration or the Gear box. The car seems to not know when to shift or know how much power it needs to give, the...
  7. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    New to the forum and pulling my hair out. I have a 2007 Golf, passenger door has decided to unlock then lock again and will not open from inside or out (when locking/unlocking with fob the passenger side does an extra sequence). I’m aware this is a common issue and I’ve exhausted all...
  8. TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    I have a mk5 tdi gt 140, 2004. i have an issue with the car juddering after driving about 20 miles then completely cuts out then will not start at all.In tank pump has been replaced and also fuel pump on the engine, egr has been replaced aswell and also g28 sensor (cam sensor) but still having...
1-8 of 8 Results