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  1. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    I am in need of a set of exterior sun visor brackets for Spazz (my 1972 beetle). I purchased an exterior visor from JBugs knowing it did not come with mounting brackets, turns out I am having difficulty finding them. Any suggestions on where I might locate a pair??
  2. MK1 Rabbit Engine
    Are there any special markings on the cylinder head that help identify the head being for a 1.6 Diesel caddy pickup ? I actually have a cylinder head laying around. Not sure if it belongs to the block next to it that is for a 1.6 diesel according to the markings. I have multiple caddys (Gas and...
  3. Volkswagen Owner's Club Announcements
    Huge Estate Sale June 11th, 12th and 13th Featuring Volkswagon (VW) Parts, Cars, etc! Starting at 8am each day. Selling about 10 vehicles. Taking offers and selling by the end of the weekend. Selling a VW thing, Ghia, Bus, Oval window bug, 914 Porsche, multiple other bugs, Rabbit, Fox, and...
  4. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and community. Anyhow, I am in the process of restoring 1957 Oval and looking for some parts and support with determining which part came as standard: 1. Looking for tail lamps. Will heart shape be OK? 2. Looking for Indicators arm switch 3. Looking for...
  5. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    I have a 77’ super beetle that I’m trying to fix up and I have some questions on part sizes and where to find certain things. I need the bolts to hold the steering column up Also I’m wondering if anyone knows of any place to get replacement electronics and steering wheel plastics. Thank you for...
  6. Golf Owners Club
    I need to replace the rear left door seal on my golf and I'm having trouble finding where to get a replacement. I have found a rear left door seal for a mk7 golf, is this likely to be the same and will it fit? If not, does anyone know the best place to buy such a part? Cheers
  7. Beetle Owners Club
    Thanks for the add to the group. Just got this 71 Beetle, really lucky as the back seat was full of a lot of new parts. Have already started replacing many items to include a new key ignition lock and wiring harness, a new signal switch, stock muffler, and all upper engine gaskets. Am sure...
  8. New Beetle Technical Forum
    I ordered a PCV valve, supposedly for the 2.0L engine (for a 2004 New Beetle). It looks like a 3" diameter black plastic disc, about 1/2" thick, with two hose ports sticking out of it. I've scoured the engine and the web looking for any indication of where this thing lives but can't figure it...
  9. GTI MK7 / 2015 and up
    New GTI owner here looking for suggestions for good places to buy parts/tools online. For now, need disks and pads, so any suggestions on that gratefully accepted. Rajan
  10. MK1 Rabbit Engine
    Howdy, I'm putting a turbo on my 81 diesel. Did they use a different head? If not, different head bolts, gaskets? Thanks...
  11. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    My exhaust pipe fell off while driving my 1980 Rabbit (Diesel). How is it secured? Wondering if I need to get it towed. Thanks.
  12. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    Hey everyone, I am new to this group so hopefully I do this right.. I have a Jetta that started randomly stalling at red lights and stop signs. Sometimes I would get lucky and it would fire right back up other times I would have to sit there for a while and keep trying.. noticed if I repeatedly...
  13. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hi! Within the next week I'm starting a restomod project on a 1978 american mk1 (you guys already knew that it's from 1978 for godsakes) and everything in the car works except the interior and exterior are pretty rough I'll be replacing almost the whole interior and trying to get it to look as...
  14. GTI MK6 / 2009-2014
    Hey, need an advice here. I have a 2011 MK6 with CTS K04 turbo kit, full TB CTS 3" exhaust, camber and control arms kits, Ohlin Road and Track coilovers, and StopTech ST040 front brakes. The car has 215,000 km on it and with two teenagers playing hockey, I need to get something bigger. The car...
  15. Jetta Owners Club
    So I bought myself a 2003 Jetta GL Wagon, 5 speed. I welcome all new friends and those who know where to get parts for good prices lol. This is my first VW and it's a bit of a mechanic special, but it runs and the motor and transmission are solid, as well as the frame.
1-15 of 500 Results