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  1. Passat Owners Club
    Hi all I have just joined and run a 2008 Passat TDI Estate . One of my Key Fobs fails to remotely open or lock the doors it does however start the engine. I believe there should be a Key Barrel under one of the Door handle shrouds ...I have removed them all and under each is a blank metal...
  2. Jetta MK2 / 1984-1992
    Number plate J8 TTA on Retention certificate . Had this on 4 of my Jettas in the past Valued at £1500 but private sale £800 . Peter
  3. Golf New To The Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Onto or second Golf. So thought it was time to join up. The new golf is a 1.5TI EVO 150 R LINE. So far very impressed with it, lots of features our old 1.6 blue motion didn’t have. If you see a 19 plate in the Argyll area of the West Coast of Scotland, it could be me !
    2007 Rabbit starting to show electrical gremlins? With headlight switch on car running and with headlight switch on car not running: No license plate lights but bulbs are OK. No lower door sill lights (not sure they are even lights maybe just reflectors? Little red "L" shaped cover?) Been over...
    Hi there, I am a new member having purchased my Tiguan 2.0 ltr TDI fourmotion in February. I have just visited my local VW dealer to arrange service continuity and as I am traveling to Spain in May I asked if they could recommend what beam benders were needed for driving in Europe. This...
  6. Passat B6 Forums
    I am wondering where the torque converter bolt access hole is so i can replace this engine. the manual i have said there is a rubber cap covering the hole and the only cap i can find is metal cap and i cant seem to remove it. i cant get the bolt through the starter hole because its on the...
  7. Golf MK2 / 1983-1992
    Just curious about clutch life all of you are getting. I just replaced my original mk2 clutch two days ago as the pushrod finally pushed through the clutch plate. This is 100km shy of 400,000 km. I guess that now I have replaced the clutch I shod get at least 300,000 more on the car. Well if...
  8. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    T'was the day before Christmas, and low and behold I lost a wheel Cylinder... No worries I had a spare. Getting it off took a little creative effort, as one of the Allen bolts Stripped. Remove the backing plate, left-handed drill bit and it's out. Run to my Favorite Hardware store to get a few...
  9. CC Owners Club
    I hope i don't complicate things; For some three months i have always noticed a drop in coolant level consequently i do a top up monthly beyond the maximum line. The Car was inspected and no form of coolant was found externally but Oil was seen around the bottom plate screws. The Bottom plate...
  10. Beetle Owners Club
    Good afternoon. I'm a newcomer to this forum but I've had VW for over 15 years . My wife has a 2010 beetle convertible on 2012 plate it has standard steel wheels and I wanted to replace with alloys I'm having trouble finding a smart looking alloy with only 4 studs. It seems most beetles on...
  11. Air-cooled Owners Club
    Hi, I have a pict 32-2 carbi that has a small slotted screw recessed into the top plate. It’s a little like a needle valve. I can’t find reference to it in any manuals. Does anyone know what it’s function is and what adjustment I should make?
  12. CC Owners Club
    Hi all i have a VW CC GT 62 plate when i lock it with key fob the rear fog light flashes or stays on then i cannot use fob to open Also windows may drop sometimes Anyone got any ideas thanks
  13. Passat Owners Club
    I recently bought a 2017 Passat R-line and when I drive down the road and hit a bump there's a noise that sounds like metal to metal coming from the rear end of the vehicle. Sounds as if somethings hanging and every time I hit a bump it swings up and hits something. I took it to a mechanic...
  14. Golf Owners Club
    Hi guys, so i picked up my new golf gtd yesterday on a 60 plate, its been advertised as its got bluetooth, it shows in the story as an option to turn off or on BT audio, but theres no other settings of menus showing connectivity, watched a few videos online and its just not showing any form of...
1-14 of 500 Results