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  1. VW CC R-Line 2014 - Fuse box Diagram

    CC Owners Club
    Hi All, Would anyone have the fuse box diagram for a 2014 R-Line. I'm specifically looking for the low beam headline fuse location for left and right HID Xenon, if anyone could point me towards them it would be greatly appriciated.
  2. Lack of Knowledge

    Beetle Newbs / FAQs
    Hi, I am new to the forum, and am looking at getting a classic beetle. Unfortuantely, I am yet to gain any information on better engines or models. I was hoping that you guys might be willing to provide me a stepping stone or at least point me in the right direction, to find such information...
  3. Wiring diagram for 2015 Touareg TDI trailer harness

    Touareg Owners Club
    I am looking for the wiring diagram for 2015 Touareg TDI trailer harness. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Can you guys help me identify this hose?

    So this morning this hose blew spilling coolant everywhere. Seems to me like the engine cover thing was generating friction to the hose to the point of breakage. That being said can you guys help me with the name so I can order it? Thanks!
  5. doors open when locked

    Passat Owners Club
    I have a 2017 Passat. If i am inside the car and driving I am able to open the doors even if they are locked. Does that make sense? What is the point of them locking then?
  6. Looking for a Blend Door Support Pin (1H0819136)

    Jetta Owners Club
    In desperate need of a support pin as it's discontinued and can't seem to find it through the VW network. If anyone has one (preferably new as I have been told used is not a good idea) please let me know. What should be a $150 fix instead will become a $1300 fix which would be the only other...
  7. jacking point covers?

    VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    I've an '09 Rabbit I bought recently. Someone removed the front jacking point covers. Does anyone have those for sale, or can provide a part number? thanks.
  8. 000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation P0299 - 000 - Control Range Not Reached

    Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    I have some problems with my 2009 Passat CC 2.0 125kw. At some point the car looses performance then i see some flashing lights, see video : Also the car acts like it has half of it power. Between 1000 rpm and 3000 rpm it is like it has half of...
  9. Large Fan Not Working?

    VW CC Technical Forum
    Hello, My large fan doesn't seem to be kicking on. The little one is kicking on. Can anybody point me to a previous discussion that may cover this topic or give me a little direction on troubleshooting the issue. Thank you in advance for your time!!
  10. How huch does your diesel smoke?

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    The cars running well since all the recent work (rebuilt I.P. and injectors) but I still feel like it smokes just a little too much. This is my first diesel so I have no point of reference... I smokes lightly at idle If I go much beyond the point of the shift light I can see light grey smoke in...
  11. Considering a used CC sport

    CC Newbs / CC FAQs
    Hey guys, stumbled upon this form. I fell in love with a used 2012 CC sport with 54k. After reading reviews from people online about the car, I'm alittle discouraged. Should I bite the bullet as long as the maintenance history is positive and checks out? Thanks for opinions
  12. Brush Guard for Jetta

    Jetta Owners Club
    I have a 2013 SE Automatic Jetta. Has anybody ever tried putting a brish guard on their jetta? I was looking for one like this but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Honestly any rail would but I'm brand new to this and not quite sure what to look for or how to install it either. Could anybody...
  13. Heater only working on number 4.

    Passat B6 Forums
    Hi guys I'm new to this and wondered if anyone can help me out and point me in the right way for some help, I have a Passat 2009 r line, and the heater has just started to work on setting 4, nothing else! Is this an easy fix or is it best going to the garage with it? Thanks for the help. Ash
  14. 2006 New Beetle Conv transmission

    New Beetle Technical Forum
    Hey all, my VW has 120,000 miles and needs a new transmission. I am wondering if it is worth fixing or not. This is my first VW and I am not sure how long it will go after 120,000 miles. No problems up to this point. Will I be able to go another 100,000 miles? Thank you
  15. Remote central locking

    GTI New To The Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi, I have 2002 golf gti and the central locking has decided to pack up on me. I was told to change the micro switch in the locking mec, this has sorted the light in the door, but central locking still does not work. Is there anyone on here that can point me in the right direction please ?
  16. Anyone know where to find a missing back chrome C emblem?

    CC Owners Club
    Can anyone point me to a resource to buy the chrome CC emblem on the back? I walked out this morning to find one of my C's had fallen off, leaving I guess what's glue on the car. I cleaned off the glue with no problem with some GooGone but now can't find a chrome C anywhere to match!
  17. New to VW

    Jetta New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi I am new to the VW scene and I am lost. I am looking for projectors and performance parts for a 2015 Jetta S (2.0L I4, 5spd). I can't find a sticky for common asked questions or parts on Google. My guess is the vehicle is still new, was wonder if yall could point me in the right directions...
  18. MK1 front turn signals needed

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    do I really have to wait 4 weeks to ship from Mexico on ebay. I can not find they anywhere. any help would be great. I would be willing to buy a whole care at this point. last piece needed for restoration.
  19. need to know

    Beetle Owners Club
    Need to know what size socket I need to remove axle nut on my 2001 beetle and does it need to be 12 point or will a 6 point work:confused:
  20. 2013 driver Ed. Wheels losing luster

    GTI Owners Club
    Hey all.. Anyone else have an issue with their rims losing their gloss? Front wheels are to the point to where the color is different! The sheen is waving bye bye.. Wtf any thaughts? Ideas? Would love some input! Thanks! Btw never used any abrasive cleansers..