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  1. Jetta Owners Club
    So I bought myself a 2003 Jetta GL Wagon, 5 speed. I welcome all new friends and those who know where to get parts for good prices lol. This is my first VW and it's a bit of a mechanic special, but it runs and the motor and transmission are solid, as well as the frame.
  2. Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Please help - my Golf 2012 - RNS-510 headunit is tripping out - random on off, audio and screen blanks out. I reset it and still no working right. Drops audio if radio, CD or Bluetooth, maps sat nav etc. are on, screen blanks out for a few seconds then comes back on few seconds later...
    BBS has been innovating the wheel industry for over 4 decades and now their wheels have already become iconic and widely used all over the world. They've found a perfect balance between light weight and strength, and continue this uncompromising philosophy today. Even though light weight is...
  4. Passat Owners Club
    Hi there, just joined so hope this goes ok. I’ve got a 2006 1.9tdi estate and a rumbling/grinding noise starting coming from the back of car, suspected the bearings so changed both sides and obviously removed discs, but noise still there, mainly heard at low speed, can’t hear on motorway. Any...
  5. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Cabriolet Content. Evidently the last time I removed my washer jug for a photo op for a Tex'er, I didn't get the jug properly seated. Driving my car Top up a/c on the Belt started to squeel, and it figured I need to tighten it a wee bit more... Getting home I discovered that my jug came off the...
  6. CC Owners Club
    Hello everyone. Can anyone recommend a website that sells parts for VW CC's with reasonable prices. I want to get some exhaust tips for my CC, I have looked on ebay but they are over the top prices or cheap stuff from China. I do not mind buying OEM parts as long as the price is reasonable. Peter
  7. GTI MK6 / 2009-2014
    Selling OEM Roof Rack & OEM snowboard attachment for a 2Dr Gti. Roof Rack fits model years 2006-2013. Only used them for 1 full season. Still in great condition. Selling Roof Rack for 225$ and Snowboard attachment 225$. Willing to negotiate on prices. Located in SoCal. Stanton, Ca.
  8. Golf MK3 / 1993-1998
    I'm new here and feel sure this question may have been asked before but I'll ask it again now. We bought the car about 6 weeks ago with 185,000km from new and it came with a fairly comprehensive wad of receipts for work done over the years. It has run really well for the first 1,000km of...
  9. GTI MK6 / 2009-2014
    Does anyone know a good website to find cheap prices for tires. was looking on the internet they want alot of money for tires.:o:o
  10. General Volkswagen Discussion
  11. Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension
    hi guys,i need new front suspension for my mk4 4 golf,alas i cant afford the parts from the main dealer,ive already made the mistake of buying cheap *** crap and now i need to replace both front wishbones again....... this site says they sell gen parts and the prices are really good,does anyone...
  12. GTI MK7 / 2015 and up
    Hi, I'm selling off the below used items. Reason - demod CTS turbo oil catch tank Revo by Alcon 6 pots BBK Bilstein B16 PSS coilovers IS38 turbo kit (used only around 10k km) Milltek full system exhaust APR carbonio intake All items are in mint condition. No tracking, only use on daily...
    If stylish LED lights by Spyder were in your wish list for a long time, than we have a great news for you – Blowout Sale from Spyder has already started at CARiD! Now you have a chance to save 5% Off the original price with a purchase of any Spyder products. Prices are already reduced. This...
  14. Jetta Owners Club
    We were out looking at cars for my wife to replace her Ford Taurus. We took a test drive and really liked the car. But I've heard that parts are very pricey for VW's. I took a look at Rockauto and the prices seemed a bit higher but not outrageous when compared to a Honda Civic (the other car we...
1-15 of 361 Results