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  1. Beetle Owners Club
    Hey everyone! New to the forums here as I am new to the beetle world. The goal here is to establish a foundation so I can get some sort of idea of where to start with potentially saving this beetle. My grandparents bought this '73 Superbeetle off the lot brand new. They drove it from...
  2. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    I'm looking for a referral to someone who can re-assemble my '79 Super Beetle Convertible. Do you know anyone?
  3. Jetta Owners Club
    Hey guys I'm looking to buy another jetta mk5 (2.0tfsi) and want to 4 wheel drive it. Can anyone tell me what parts I need to get my hands on? And which car would be the best to use as a donor? Also whether audi quattro system would be a better choice or 4motion? Thanks in advance
  4. Beetle Owners Club
    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any advise on the best book to buy for a superbug restoration project, body and mechanical. Thank you in advance.
  5. Passat Owners Club
    Hey there, I'm new to VW, but am 52 and a Mechanic/Shop owner for ever. I'd like to post some pics on here of the teardown etc... because I've received a really nice car, in trade for a 280k Accord, so he could get a job. He couldn't afford a timing job on his low mile 03 Passat Sedan W8. I'm...
  6. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    I have a 72 convertible and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. It is running pretty well but needs mechanical and body work (interior and exterior). I live in northern Connecticut but am willing to travel. Does anyone know someone who’d be interested in this project?? Thank...
  7. Beetle Newbs / FAQs
    Any suggestions on where to obtain a full shop manual for my new project VW Needs a few parts like Front bumper spoiler, heater core and driver side headlight assembly but not in bad shape appreciate any help since this I the first one since the 1969 model I had in high school
  8. Beetle Owners Club
    I am looking for a fun summer car. I have always wanted a classic Beetle that is super modern and really more of a pro touring beetle. Now Let me be clear on what I mean by Pro Touring. Typically a pro touring car does not use any of the factory suspension. On most american muscle car Pro...
  9. Air-cooled Owners Club
    I have 1972 super beetle. it's a rat rod project. i do not like the way front struts sits. my question is can i change the front beam with a 1960's model regular beetle front beams? does it need any modification?
  10. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
  11. Each project build requires you to put a lot of effort and time into it and in some cases turns into a money pit over time, because, you know, mods never come to an end, lol. If you’re looking to upgrade the suspension on your 2015-2018 VW GTI, yet...
  12. Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Hi everyone I’m new to this site and live in Canada, my GTI that I recently purchased as my project to rebuild has a few issues mainly the intake cam lobe damage by the HPFP and an oil leak coming from the valve cover gasket. I’m trying to source parts for this work to be done and was wondering...
  13. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hey there my name is Dom and I am currently on the hunt for a smog exempt diesel rabbit for a project my dad and I will be working on. My dad has a lot of experience with VW's, MK2 golf was his first car, mom owned a 69 Beetle and an MKIV Jetta and he currently owns a self-restored 67 Beetle...
  14. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Greetings, all. I have a 2013 Golf R as my daily driver. I've been looking for a convertible for several years now - specifically one that is as close to the one I had in college, and this one is it. Same year, color, transmission. The only differences are the steering wheel (mine had the...
  15. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    Good Morning All, 98 Cabrio new to me. Doesn't like going into 5th gear easily. More than half the time either binds or goes into third. Where do I start? Not a resto project just want to make it a nice daily driver. Thanks!
  16. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hi, I'm a super newbie to VW, this 81 deisel rabbit is my first. I'm having fuel leak issues due to not having all the proper fuel lines lol. It's a project car. However, I can't seem to find which hose is which in the manual I have. I also am unsure of the hose sizes I need. I just need a...
  17. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I have the opportunity to purchase a 1982 Rabbit L with an auto for a father-son project. My buddy tells me that the automatic transmission is going to be a problem. The car is in very good condition with only minimal rust on the wheel wells and some on a door corner, the rust I am not worried...
  18. MK1 Rabbit Mods / DIYs
    We’ve all been there; Our steering wheel shakes, clunks, and rattles while we’re driving down street in our MkI Rabbits so we crawl underneath the dash and see the lower steering column bearing sticking out. I scoured the internet for a solid how-to replacement article or video and couldn’t...
  19. VW Tiguan Technical
    Hey guys, i bought a project car 2009 vw tiguan 4 motion with a blown motor, so i currently swapped a 2017 tiguan engine into my 2009 tiguan, my concern is the current tranny in it oil is very dark looking and the seal is leaking at the shaft, i have a spare tranny in my garage from a 2013...
  20. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the VW world and rebuilding a 71 SB for my highschool project. I've done a lot of work on it so far, but now the ATF light came on and is staying on. I can't find anything in the forums on what it is for and what I should do to fix it. Will my motor blow up?? thanks for any help!