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  1. Phantom engine overheating warning message

    Golf MK7 / 2015 and up
    It's a 2014 1.6 TDI Blue Motion automatic. Been down to the village (only 6 kilometres) for a little shopping and 3 minutes into the journey back home the message that the engine was overheating flashed up. A glance at the gauge showed 120+ degrees. Turned the heater up and blower on full. Gauge...
  2. Shopping around for used VW. Any common issues I should know?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey all, I've been living carless since 2010, and have finally worked myself into the position where it might make sense to own one again. I live in the Denver metro area, and will be shopping around soon for a basic commuter. I'm looking for (in order of importance) low maintenance, decent...
  3. looking for a CC

    CC Owners Club
    Are there years better than others for the CC? I wan to start shopping for one after the holidays.
  4. Get armed with knowledge - read new Floor Mats Shopping Guide at CARiD!
    While there are many ways to add more sparkle and custom style to your car, one upgrade that gets overlooked pretty often is a set of floor mats. Why should you consider getting car floor mats? They play an important role in enhancing the aesthetic and resale value of your car, while also...
  5. Any GTI years to avoid?

    GTI New To The Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    I am shopping for a used GTI to fill that hole in my soul that I first noticed as a teenage boy when the mk1 GTIs started showing up on US roads. What should I look out for and what should I avoid? I don't need the ultimate in performance, I just want a spporty hot hatch with those three...
  6. Trading In

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    I'm trading in my 13 Jetta TDI. I don't want to deal with DEF in a personal vehicle. I deal with it in the transportation indusrty. So my saleswoman got me some deals on trading in from a TDI. So I'm going to be getting a 16 Golf Sportwagen with the 1.8 TSI. I wanted a sportwagen when shopping...
  7. 2014 GTI Lemon Law Car Purchase

    GTI MK6 / 2009-2014
    I'm shopping around and stumbled upon this ad. If I have a mechanic confirm the fix and all else is good, do you think this is a reasonable good deal? I do plan to keep the vehicle for a long time and acknowledge the resale drawback...
  8. Shopping for Roof Rack for Sportwagen raised rails

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    Prefer quiet, aero cross-bars that do not extend over the sides. Kayak, and solid carrier will be the goal. Yakima's Whispar, Rola, Thule. I lack the confidence to purchase without some solid user information. 39" between the bars. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!:cool:
  9. NEED HELP!!!(2015 Golf Tsi SEL vs. 2015 Jetta GLI SEL)

    Golf MK7 / 2015 and up
    Hi all, I am shopping around my neighborhood, looking for the best deal of 2015 golf SEL or 2015 GLI SEL. The best offer I got right now, I will still need to pay about $1440 more for golf in 3yrs, but after I did some math about insurance and fuel cost, I guess I will only spend $1000 more to...
  10. Fender rust and front door ice damage issue TSBs

    Jetta / Bora MK5 / 2005–2010
    Hey folks, I'm looking up for the TSB number of 2 issues that are starting to show up on my 2009 MK5 JSW: - Rust coming through the front fenders because of the soundproofing foam inside it - Front door damage due to ice build up I'll be shopping soon for a dealer that can fix that and having...
  11. 1982 VW Rabbit LS / 2Dr / Hatchback - fuel injection auxiliary valve -

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Have been shopping for over 4 months, have purchased this part 3 times from 3 different vendors they all back order the part and then cancel mi order :(. Anyone have any leads or contacts for obtaining this part ? or parts in general... Im about to jump on a plane and head to CW in Germany...
  12. Rebates, Rebates, Rebates!

    Save even more on RockAuto's reliably low prices with rebates and promotions on Headlamp Bulbs, Mufflers and parts in between! Rebates Expiring April 30: Anco - Up to $15 cash back with purchase of select Anco Wiper Blade pairs. KYB - Receive $40 with purchase of any four KYB Shocks, Struts...
  13. Found a Lower Delivered Price?

    Discount Tire
    We do our very best to offer the lowest delivered price on all the tires we carry. In fact, we have a dedicated department that shops the competition to make sure we are indeed the cheapest delivered price out there. We are human though and some prices fall through the cracks. If you've found...
  14. My first car, Advice needed! golf 4 gti

    GTI MK4 / 1999-2005
    Hi guys, im shopping around for my first car. I am almost 100% set on a mk4 gti as its a car ive always liked and its within my budget not to mention it has comfort and some power to match! Please could I have some advice on the car.... its the 1.8 20v turno version. Common faults? Good...
  15. too good to be true? springs on amazon.

    MKV Mods and Installs
    new to this all. will post pics of my car eventually. hey gang, new member, owner of a 2007 rabbit, i love it. want to lower it a bit, i have just too much space in the wheel well for my liking. after browsing the internet and amazon especially ("christmas" shopping that some how turned into...
  16. H15 6000k Temp

    GTI MK6 / 2009-2014
    Hello... for those like me that want to keep the our GTI's original as possible but with a little bit of improvement here is what i found. I have 2011 GTI with H15, i do not want to disable my DRL because they are there for a purpose...(safety), but i do not like the color temperature of those...
  17. RockAuto Rebates Ending October 31, 2013

    Air Lift, Monroe, Rancho and Walker all have rebates ending October 31, 2013. Take advantage of these rebates while there is still time! Air Lift - Up to $100 mail-in rebate. $50 on select Air Springs and/or $50 for On-Board Air Compressors. Monroe - Buy 4 For The Price of 3! Purchase a...
  18. 2011 TDI Premium or 2012 TDI

    TDI / Diesel Owners Club
    Shopping around for a Jetta TDI. Found two that fit my budget. 2011 TDI premium and 2012 non-Premium. Is the Premium worth it? Besides the moonroof and sound system, what else does the Premium have?
  19. Warranties: Olympicare? VW/Fidelity Drive Easy? Others?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I am shopping separately for an extended warranty on my new GTI. (I really got my money's worth on my Passat warranty, so I will probably buy one on the GTI.) Thus far I have been pitched Olympicare in addition to the "official" one. Anyone have good or bad experience with the warranty...
  20. R Line

    VW CC Photo Gallery
    Love this car!