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  1. 2010 2.0 TSI AWD VW Tiguan squeal noise

    Hi, I have the above car. It has just started to make a weird noise and seems to be getting more frequent. The noise happens when accelerating from a stop for the first few seconds, more if I am also turning left. It doesn’t seem to happen until the car is fully warmed up. It sounds like it is...
  2. Cooling Assembly Fan Noise Issue

    Jetta New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    2015 Volkswagen Jetta SE PZEV w/Connectivity 1.8L L4 DOHC 20V See video. These are the noises and vibrations I am getting continuously. Most all of the front end of the car pieces including fan assembly, A/C compressor, etc were all replaced after a front end accident back in the fall. This...
  3. Loud engine noise

    Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    Hi I have a 2001 Jetta GL 2.0l gas 5 speed with 190k. It makes a loud whining sound when in 5th gear @ 3600 rpm's... Only at that range.. Not at 34,35,37, or 38 or after. It sounds like I needs another gear. I've replaced plugs-bosh platinum +4, ngk wires, new coil, air filter, fuel filter...
  4. 09G Transmission Problem

    Hello everybody! I'm a recent owner of a 2007 VW Rabbit with 93,000 miles, which I bought for a nice price overall. I really like the car, but it is already costing me a fair amount of money. I'm wondering if the valve body transmission problem will eventually affect all rabbit owners? The...
  5. Blower issue

    2007 Rabbit, 5 cylinder, 2.5 L. I,ve had two blowers put in and still having same problem. The blower fans makes all the sounds from fan speed 1 through 4. However, the air barely comes out of any of the vents. When the air is not coming out the vents the blower fan noise is near the cabin...
  6. Won't start 1972 Beetle

    Air-cooled Owners Club
    I have a 1972 VW Beetle. I am new to VWs and am learning as I go. Right off the bat my ignition coil went bad so I changed it and it fired right up. After driving it for a while I drastically lost power. The coil is still good and sending power to the distributor. I am thinking that my plugs...
  7. QUESTION Clutch not disengaging

    Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    Hey. Ive got a 2005 passat 1.8t 4motion manual tranny. So i was driving down the road shifting normally and then all the sudden my clutch pedal went all the way to the floor and i had no clutch use. I drove for a little while intending to get to where i was going but was forced to stop and...
  8. 2017 Passat R-line noise in rear of vehicle

    Passat Owners Club
    I recently bought a 2017 Passat R-line and when I drive down the road and hit a bump there's a noise that sounds like metal to metal coming from the rear end of the vehicle. Sounds as if somethings hanging and every time I hit a bump it swings up and hits something. I took it to a mechanic...
  9. Head Gasket?

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    9 hours through a 12 hour trip i started losing power. I pulled over and checked the oil and it was bone dry. Topped it off and away i went. it has always lost oil(only seems to be when its running) but never like this. not sure if it is related but I also have a starting problem, sounds like it...
  10. 2001 MK4 Golf starting problem

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    First off I want to say I have been using my car for delivery the past two years city driving, sometimes for 13 hours a day. 80% of the time the car starts. Sometimes it is slow to crank over like the battery is low. Somes times it will just click click click and will not start, but it will...
  11. Noisy engine

    GTI MK5 / 2006-2009
    I have recently purchased a mk5 tfsi Dsg fsh 72,000miles. (2006) Goes really well great to drive, however a noisy engine when warm. So first was to have the tapped on fuel pump replaced. The old one had worn evenly. Still noisy. Booked it into VWS Exeter who removed cam cover and cam chain...
  12. 9n3 Polo Gti flat spot

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, I've been searching and reading other discussions, but the issues dont seem to be the same as mine. I have a 2007 polo Gti 1.8t. The car suddenly has a flat spot from about 3500/4000rpm, it looses power and misfires a bit. It sounds, idles and boosts as normal. The only thing that changed...
  13. New

    Golf New To The Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi all,just saying hello :) recently got an old 2004 1600 16v Golf which despite having 155 miles on the clock runs and sounds excellent.had it 4 months covering 5000 miles and was stunned when i changed the oil/filter it hadnt used a drop..
  14. 2018 Tiguan SEL - Replace headlight assembly to SEL Premium

    I recently purchased a 2018 Tiguan SEL. I would much like to replace the new existing headlight assembly with the SEL Premium LED DRL headlights. Anyone know how difficult/expensive this would be? I got a quote from my dearly of around $2,000-$3,000, which sounds high. I can purchase the...
  15. Engine light on polo 6R Gti

    VW Polo Photo Gallery
    Hi there, I just fitted a downpipe in my polo about 150kms later the engine light came on but the car still has all the power and sounds great. Please help me identify the problem Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. VW Beetle 2012 - keyless access issue (door indicator red light)

    New Beetle Technical Forum
    Hi, I have a Beetle TSI 2.0 DSG with keyless access. After service on authorized Volkswagen service facility last week, I now have an electronic issue - the indicator light in the driver door lights up for about 30 seconds (= Locking system malfunction). I guess I have to return to the vw...
  17. Horn problem!

    Passat B5 Forums
    I have a problem with the horn of my car, when I turn the steering wheel the horn sounds, I had to remove the horn contacts. Anyone know any solution? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  18. Problem with light sounds

    Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    When the engine off and lights do not turn off sounds doesnt work. Why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. ACC braking 'system'

    VW CC Technical Forum
    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the ACC braking system on my 2014 GSD CC uses the same hydraulically operated discs and pads as the foot brake. I ask because when mine ACC operates the brakes it sounds like something is grating. The pedal operation sounds fine.
  20. New to Group 09 Jetta over heating

    Jetta Owners Club
    Hello all, I had a guy helping me with fixing my car up when needed and he hooked up the bosch scanner and let the car run while checking the temp the fans kick on and cycle but when temp reaches 200 to 260 they never kick on again im going to try and tackle this myself so i was hoping someone...