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  1. Reprogram after new battery

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    I own a 2015 Jetta TdI SEL and the car started to crank longer, each day for about 2 weeks, then the starter just clicked and wouldn't start. I took the battery out, charged it and it started doing the same thing, cranking slowly again. The battery is 5 years old and I want to replace it. My...
  2. 84 Rabbit 1.8l exhaust manifold gasket

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    So i started my first journey into replacing the intake manifold gasket and the exhaust manifold gasket. Ive been soaking the bolts with Kroil and PB as they are really rusty. Any tips or tricks i should be aware of? And whats the key to taking off the spring clips that are connected to the down...
  3. DSG gearbox electrical fault

    Golf MK6 / 2009 -2014
    Just recently, my DSG auto gearbox has started losing power. I pull in, turn off the ignition and restart after a minute and things go back to normal meaning that it is probably a software problem. The last time a spanner icon has appeared in the gear display. Do I just get it checked out with a...
  4. Question on Cecille - 2018 orange Tiguan SE - seat memory/hopeful

    Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Good morning! I've looked through the manual, and I'm HOPING I'm wrong, but I don't believe there is seat memory for the SE? If anyone can tell me differently, I'd be pretty happy! It's such a SILLY thing, but when my husband drives, he puts the seat back and sideways! I...
  5. Heads up on Alternator replacements.

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    My LLW Alternator that I replaced just had a semi-failure. The Case screws that hold the body together had a strippage from the re-builder. One of the Case screws backed out due to strippage and started to hit the Alternator fan. A 4.5mm Nut wasn't replaced on the screw on the back, so I added 3...
  6. My Camshaft change update!! MK5 GTI

    Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Got started this weekend on the intake cam replacement, all is going well and can’t wait to get it back up and running this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Key / barrel sticking

    Golf MK5 / 2003-2009
    Has anyone had issues with the barrel sticking? Went out to start the car this morning and the key wouldn't turn, thought it might be on the steering lock but it wasn't . Tried the so are key with no luck. After about 5 minutes it suddenly turned and the car started, problem then was I couldn't...
  8. Undercoat

    My rabbits an 07 so the rust warranty is pretty much up and nothing major besides the wheel arches have started rusting. Would it be worth it to get it undercoated now? never had a car undercoated my previous car was a 93 accord so i just let it rust out since it was already 20 years old and got...
  9. 2010 scirocco locked out

    Scirocco Owners Club
    locked out ,key fob not working and hidden key slot not wotking. , recently changed car battery, car worked fine and started up, locked car up, went back out to car now wont unlock any help please
  10. Headlight Sticker?

    Passat Owners Club
    Hi there. I'm new here. I have a Passat d5.5. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have stickers on my headlights (no idea what they are or what they are for). However, recently one of them started looking a bit burnt out. Now it is almost completely black, while the other...
  11. Burnt Out Sticker

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi there. I'm new here. I have a Passat d5.5. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have stickers on my headlights (no idea what they are or what they are for). However, recently one of them started looking a bit burnt out. Now it is almost completely black, while the other...
  12. 77 Beetle Restarting Issue

    Air-cooled Owners Club
    Hi Everyone, I have a 1977 Super Beetle and I had some issue with it starting. I replaced that battery and all summer long it started like 1977. Recently (twice) I have driven it around and then all of the sudden on my way home it won't start. Nothing. I get red lights, etc... but it won't...
  13. Strut Noise when turning

    VW CC Technical Forum
    My 2012 CC started making a "groaning" noise when Im turning the wheel to park. Not when moving so I don't believe it a CV joint. Could this be the upper strut mount bushing?
  14. overcharge (18V) CIS 1981 caddy --no start now

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I had a voltage regulator fail and overcharged the system for maybe a day or two. Now I can't get my truck started. What parts of the ignition system could have been damaged by this? Coil, ignition control module (ICM), Hall sender, plugs or wires (coil to distributor wire)? I'm hoping none of...
  15. Head Gasket?

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    9 hours through a 12 hour trip i started losing power. I pulled over and checked the oil and it was bone dry. Topped it off and away i went. it has always lost oil(only seems to be when its running) but never like this. not sure if it is related but I also have a starting problem, sounds like it...
  16. Transmission

    Passat B6 Forums
    Hello, I was driving on the highway yesterday in my 2008 Passat 2.0T Automatic when it DOWNSHIFTED and reved to about 5000 RPMS. so I pulled over and started again and all was fine. Could the TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE cause this problem. I only have 63,000 miles Thanks
  17. Air bag light

    Passat B6 Forums
    Hello, over the winter my wife’s B6 Passat passenger HEATED SEAT quit working so replaced it with another one that came out of another 2008 Passat identical to hers. I did disconnect the battery like I was told to but the AIR BAG LIGHT stays on. I tried clearing it with VAG-COM but it keeps...
  18. Fan control module

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hello, I’ve been having problems with my 2003 GOLF TDI A/C and I reluctantly started to throw money at the problem. I started with the FCM, and condenser fans and everything else pretty much under the hood. I’m starting to suspect the FCM. I did go amazon for the FCM ( 14 dollars ) and I’ve...
  19. Hi, New Guy Here....

    Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hi, New Guy Here..... Got an issue with my 1999 1.6 SE Golf, hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. When started, the car will not hold a tick over. The revs wander up and down, not by much, only one or Two lines. Also when driving at low speed, say parking or around...
  20. QUESTION Is replacing a 2015 GTI battery easy or complex?

    Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    The battery needed a quick jump and the car started, so I assume it is time to replace it. Will the car adjust automatically to the disconnect/connect of electricity source, or is there a specific procedure to follow. 2015 GTI, 36000 miles, USA car. Frank Maryland