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  1. Volkswagen Maintenance
    Can anyone help?, I'm after the OE part number for the caps of the suspension springs. Mine have corroded thereby unable to obtain them and it's proving very difficult to buy new ones without the OE number. Many thanks
  2. Golf MK2 / 1983-1992
    Hi guys, can someone please measure the distance from the center of the bolt holes on the mk2 golf front shock/strut assembly Need to know this measurement as looking to fit mk1 mk2 golf suspension to a different car. Thanks Matt.
  3. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hello, so I am new to VW ownership and am looking for help identifying exactly what I have in my possession now and any help is greatly appreciated. First and foremost, the car I bought is my friends grandpa's old racecar. His grandpa passed away and his grandma sent the car to the junk yard...
  4. VW CC Technical Forum
    My granddaughter has a 2012 CC Sport that the front end kept wearing out tires on the inside. She has put tires on it 3 times in the last two years. VW dealer actually told her about the case before it was settled. Turns out there was a class action lawsuit against VW because they did not...
  5. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    a few years back I replaced my struts and mounts, and I made the terrible mistake of replacing my springs, thinking that the 30 year old ones would be getting soft enough by now to be worth replacing. now I have a broken driver side spring, and Im considering replacing it with my old spring, as...
  6. Beetle Owners Club
    I am looking for a fun summer car. I have always wanted a classic Beetle that is super modern and really more of a pro touring beetle. Now Let me be clear on what I mean by Pro Touring. Typically a pro touring car does not use any of the factory suspension. On most american muscle car Pro...
    Stock suspension systems are perfect for regular driving conditions, as they provide just enough responsiveness with comfort and softness. Yet, for spirited driving, it may be not good enough. KW coilovers is a perfect way to improve handling and lower the ride height of your VW. Coilovers are a...
  8. Each project build requires you to put a lot of effort and time into it and in some cases turns into a money pit over time, because, you know, mods never come to an end, lol. If you’re looking to upgrade the suspension on your 2015-2018 VW GTI, yet...
  9. Touareg Owners Club
    hi guys, how do i know if my touareg has air suspension, or what kind does it have. it is a 2012 with v6 gas engine. vin # WVGFF9BPXCD004735 thanks, kevin rea lancaster, calif.
  10. Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension
    Hi all, Looking for advice for improving my wife's Golf. She has a 2011 1.6TDi Bluemotion. When we bought the car, it was already lowered. But it seems that rather than do a proper job, the previous owner just put lowering springs on the original shocks. It therefore is rather harsh over rough...
  11. Touareg Owners Club
    Can I override this system and use my air shocks to life my Touareg?
  12. Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Howdy folks.:Ciao: Started on this forum back when it was just the Rabbit Owner's Club (ROC). Coincidentally, I moved to ROC (Rochester, NY) last year. Still got the Rabbit (140k) and running great for my wife. A lot has gone on since I was here last. I'm hoping to pick up my new '18 Tiguan...
  13. New Beetle Technical Forum
    I want to minus size wheels on my '14 GSR (the stock is 19"). Is it possible? Do I need to change something on suspension? Recalibrate speedometer? also will it fit, offset and other specs considered? what tire is better to put on the new wheel 245/45-17 or 245/50-17? any brands recommended...
  14. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    I need the torque specifications for the suspension and subframe 2001 New Beetle 1.9L TDI
  15. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Hello New guy here I just got stationed in Germany picked up a Mk4 Golf 3 door for my DD and it failed the TUV inspection for left and right control arms struts and tires easy enough to fix I am wondering if I could order the parts from rock or another USA vendor or are the German spec cars...
1-15 of 500 Results