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  1. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Our 2012 Tiguan has a bad clock spring Part # 5K0-953-569-AL. Supposedly the part is on back order and there is no known ETA... I've scoured the local shops,dealers,and online. Anyone have any idea where i might find one ? its my daughters vehicle and I don't feel she should be driving around...
  2. Volkswagen Tiguan Photo Gallery
    First VW owner here! This mornings commute gave this thing a salt bath. ‘22 Tiguan SE R Line Black
  3. Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi I recently purchased a 19 plate Tiguan, which is still under warranty. Must I use the main dealers to service it, or can I use Halfords? If I use Halfords, must they use VW oil/parts for the service? Thanks in advance David
    I have a 2014 VW Tiguan SE 4motion with appearance package. My driver side headlight has staining on the inside of it. Does anyone know what I can do about this without purchasing a new headlight assembly?
    Hi Everyone, I just got a brand new 2021 Tiguan SEL 4Motion. Drove it off the lot 8/27/21 at 9 miles on the ODO. On 8/31 with ~248 miles on the ODO my infotainment system started acting up. Here’s how it goes— the system starts. And without 90seconds, lags, and reboots. Then restarts. Within 90...
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2018 VW Tiguan SE. It's the fourth VW I've owned and I really like most things about it. But the night before last, my girlfriend and I were driving about 45 MPH across a bridge, when all of a sudden the front assist activated and mashed the car to a halt. It was...
    Hi All, Glad to be able to join this forum and get your thoughts. I currently have a 2018 Subaru Legacy, which I bought for the gas mileage. It's a great car, but I'm ready for something new. I've always been a Jeep Grand Cherokee fan (had a 2008) and recently started noticing the 2021 Tiguan SE...
  8. VW Tiguan Technical
    So my boot now make a whirring noise and wont open. How the heck can I open it to even fix it? See vid here for more of a painted picture:
    has anyone else had this issue? A white milky gunk/waxy substance on the pavement under the car? I called the dealer and they said they think it’s from a wax they add to the coolant to prevent spiders and insects from clogging it up with webs and stuff ( I am definitely not saying that as clear...
  10. VW Tiguan Technical
    Hi! I’m new to this forum and I’m having some troubles finding someone to help on cleaning my engine bay. I called my dealership but they can’t help me either. Can you guys help me on what to cover and what to remove on my engine? Thinking of steam cleaning or just APC. Thank you,
  11. VW Tiguan Technical
    Hi team, I have been having some ongoing issue with 2012 Tiguan TDI 4motion when starting up from cold or warm (randomly). We live in Auckland nz so it’s never below 10 degrees.... checked battery and is good as well problem: The vehicle will fire up then stall immediately from time to time...
  12. Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi all I have recently bought the new TIGUAN R LINE FACELIFT. I am looking for OEM parts and maybe springs to lower the car and spacers to push the wheels out slightly. Can anyone recommend me where to look or find these please in the UK? Much appreciated. Thanks
  13. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Just got my tiguan and notice that it's missing the illuminated rline sill on driver doors it has it on the passengers side. Does it suppose to have both sides?
  14. Tiguan New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    I recently bought a used 2017 Tiguan and four days after driving it off the lot, the EPC light came on then followed by the engine light. It had to be towed back to the dealership (not VW), then got taken over to VW because it's under warranty still. Has this happened to anyone else? Could this...
    Just bought CPO 2018 Tiguan SEL Premium. When I lock the car all interior lights switch off except the right side buttons on the steering wheel (pic below - you cannot see it as I took it during the day, but it just stays on). Also, I tried reducing brightness from the lights setting. All other...
  16. Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    hi everyone, I have two VWs. A 2017 GTI and a 2018 Tiguan. Both built in Mexico for the US market. I'd like to export them to France. Does anyone have any experience of this and would could be required for France? Thanks Damian
  17. VW Tiguan Technical
    Hi all, I'm an avid car enthusiast that has owned a couple VW's, but am working out of my comfort zone on a friends Tiguan. I've covered the internet and can't figure out how to fix this thing. It's a 2009 Tiguan 2.0 TSI automatic with 4Motion with 137,000 Miles. The problem is incredibly rough...
  18. 2019 Tiguan S

    My 6th VW product. So far so good.
    I would like to install brighter backup light bulbs in my 2009 VW Tiguan SE AWD. The bulbs I am considering are Phillips 12789LPB2 Bright White Vision LED Back-up Light (921 /T16) Bulbs. The LED bulbs draw only 2.2 watts. Has anyone ever tried them? Did it trigger a light bulb error? I...
    can anybody help me locate or purchase the little metal bulb retainer for the low beam headlights for 2019 Tiguan (not premium). I have included a picture. The dealership said they can only sell me the WHOLE assembly instead of that one part. Thanks!
1-20 of 500 Results