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  1. Phantom engine overheating warning message

    Golf MK7 / 2015 and up
    It's a 2014 1.6 TDI Blue Motion automatic. Been down to the village (only 6 kilometres) for a little shopping and 3 minutes into the journey back home the message that the engine was overheating flashed up. A glance at the gauge showed 120+ degrees. Turned the heater up and blower on full. Gauge...
  2. 2013 Tiguan cooling system help

    Volkswagen Technical Discussions - General
    hello, can anyone tell me how to drain the cooling system on the 2013 2.0 TSI ?can't find a drain valve on the radiator and the hoses aren't on the bottom .would like to flush and refill system .
  3. Mk 5 GT sport won't rev past 3000rpm

    Golf Owners Club
    Hi guys, Having an issue with my 2008 golf TSI 1.4, tried many things but can't get to the bottom if this problem. It won't rev over 3000rpm, fault code "fuel pressure regulator 2 performance" Replaced timing chain and tensioner, fuel filter, HP fuel pump and follower, checked fuel lines...
  4. broken spring!!

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    a few years back I replaced my struts and mounts, and I made the terrible mistake of replacing my springs, thinking that the 30 year old ones would be getting soft enough by now to be worth replacing. now I have a broken driver side spring, and Im considering replacing it with my old spring, as...
  5. 1981 1.6L Runs but won't idle

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Ok so I've been driving a 1981 vw rabbit caddy for about 2 months now. The engine sat for over a year but started right up and has been fine till a few days ago. I was driving down the highway and it died in gear some how and felt like it bound up. My first thought was oil or fuel. But now I'm...
  6. 2014 Jetta Sportwagon front seats uncomfortable

    Jetta New To Forum / Frequently Asked Questions
    I have a 2014 Jetta Sportwagon TDI. The front seat bottom cushions are uncomfortable on trips of 2+ hours. Both my wife and I get sciatic type buttock pain. Doesn't happen in her Subaru. Car had less than 5000 miles when bought and this problem was present from the start. Any suggestions about...
  7. need help identifying a hose

    New Beetle Technical Forum
    could someone tell me the name of the hose , i think its a vacuum hose, that bolts to the bottom of the intake manifold top(the part that you see when you open the bonnet) its rigid plastic and runs from the left side of the engine to the right thank you
  8. 2017 Passat Map Updates

    Passat Owners Club
    I am interested in finding out when my MIB2 2017 Passat Discover Media navigation maps SD Card will be updated. I live in a house that is going on 5 years old. My Garmin system in my 2018 Honda Accord has my address [with free updates for 5 years I might add]. My Garmin NUVi and LMT-S also show...
  9. Beetle rear seat latch cable is disconnected

    Beetle Owners Club
    The left rear seat on our 2012 beetle stopped folding down a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the pull latch pulled too easily, so i took a look and discovered the cable came unhooked from whatever it is hooked to at the bottom. The cable isn't broken, just unhooked. Any suggestions for how i...
  10. 1.9 AAZ overheating

    MK1 Rabbit Engine
    I have an 82 Caddy w/1.9 AAZ diesel. Recently I developed an over heating issue when it is under load such as climbing long hills or any under boost conditions. I have changed the alt and A/c belts, bottom radiator hose and hose return from rad to coolant tank. Also flushed the cooling system...
  11. Rabbit Owners Club in Arizona

    How do I get in touch with the Rabbit Owners Club in Arizona? Thank you
  12. Boot Lid Believes it's Open

    VW CC Technical Forum
    Hi All, Wondering if anyone can share any wisdom on the above title! My 2009 CC, out of the blue, now believes the boot lid is open when it is not, meaning my camera will not open. I know it is a common problem for boot to not open either manually or with the key but that all works fine...
  13. Headlights on Passat B6 Bluemotion Estate 1.6TDI

    Passat B6 Forums
    I am new to the forum so hi firstly. I am looking for some advice which google hasn't helped. I picked up a relatively cheap accident damaged passat estate. Needed a full front end. Pick up a full front end from a donor car so all good. The original lights were Valeo lights on the car. From...
  14. radiator bottom mounts

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    What is the deal with the radiator mounts? I've been looking at radiators and most have the pegs, but my S1 has the feet that are held by 10mm nuts (top is held by just a metal hook). Sellers don't really note the difference.
  15. 2018 Tiguan Navigation System

    I got a new 2018 Tiguan SEL. The navigation system seems to have very limited function and it is impossible to get the POI's displayed other than the 3 that came with the car. It looks like you have to select them and down load them somewhere and then load them to the navigation system...
  16. 1.6 Diesel Injector Seat Leaking.

    1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hello all, new to the forum and looking forward to the discussions. I own an uncommon 84 VW Iltis (military Jeep) made by Bombardier in Canada. I know its not a Rabbit but I feel most connected to this forum as it has a mid 80's Rabbit 1.6 na Diesel under the hood...and now my issue if you will...
  17. First VW - 2014 Jetta SE

    Jetta / Bora MK6 / 2011 and up
    As the title says, I just bought this yesterday, it’s a 2014 SE with the 1.8T and a 5 speed. 32k miles, and no options. So far, I am liking the car quite a bit. Seems responsive to both steering and throttle input, although, I wouldn’t mind more power in the bottom end. For anyone...
  18. Heater core flush procedure?

    My '81 Caddy needs to have the heater core flushed- it's never been done since it was made. The heat output is ok...not great...but I'd like to flush the core. (the truck already has a new water pump and thermostat). I'll be using water. Which of the heater hoses should the garden hose water...
  19. Continuous Alarm Activations

    Scirocco Owners Club
    Hello, Thank you taking the time to read my post in the hope that someone maybe able to help me. I have a VW Scirocco whereby the alarm keeps activating, I have checked doors and windows each time, there is nothing in the dashboard telling me whether its a door etc. I deactivated the internal...
  20. Cannot see speed in the MFD, please help!!

    CC Owners Club
    Hello all. I switched to a CC from an Audi A6 and one of the things I miss is being able to see the speed in the MFD, I can see it down near the bottom of the MFD but not in the main screen. We use KMH in Ireland now and my CC is in MPH. Id there anywayI can make it larger or put in on the main...