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  1. Golf MK7 / 2015 and up
    It's a 2014 1.6 TDI Blue Motion automatic. Been down to the village (only 6 kilometres) for a little shopping and 3 minutes into the journey back home the message that the engine was overheating flashed up. A glance at the gauge showed 120+ degrees. Turned the heater up and blower on full. Gauge...
  2. TDI General Discussion
    I have a 1999 TDI Beetle, the wire/fuse box sitting on the top of the Battery, the left Black wire gets so hot I cant even touch it! Any answers??
  3. Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    Hello all, looking at a 2012 tiguan and I needs a Tiguan backup camera. Does a premium 8 touch screen sound system have the capability and wiring already installed for a backup camera? Please let me know as soon as you can please. Thank you Scott Sent from my STV100-3 using Tapatalk
    Hi all! I'm the new owner of a 2018 Tiguan S. I love the car so far. My only complaint is there being 1 USB port in the car, connecting to the infotainment system. I have an iPod classic with the entirety of my music library, and I enjoy its use in the car. I hate needing to choose between...
    How do I get in touch with the Rabbit Owners Club in Arizona? Thank you
  6. General VW Audio / Electonics Discussions
    I don't believe my ipod has Carplay software like the iphones do. When I attached it to the usb port, the entertainment center doesn't recognize it. Is there another way to attach the ipod so I can listen to music, podcasts, etc?
  7. Golf Owners Club
    My son has a 2002 Golf, he’s having issues starting his car first thing in the am. It’s turning over but won’t catch, usually finally starts after the third try. When it does finally start, if you touch the gas peddle it stalls. Any ideas?? Thank you
  8. New Beetle Technical Forum
    My 2013 Beetle Fender (bought used) has a audio/touch screen system but no GPS function. Is this a simple addition/activation or more complex? I called the dealer and they had no idea!?
1-8 of 267 Results