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  1. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi guys my numbers on my car is 777. What does means this numbers in numerology?:confused:
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello. I changed the oil in my golf 3, 1.4L, 1997, and 2 weeks passed since. After i changed the oil, the oil light got on and it stayed like that until the engine got warm. It does the same thing every time i start the car. I took the car to a mechanic, and he sayed that he doesn't know why...
    Hello everybody! I'm a recent owner of a 2007 VW Rabbit with 93,000 miles, which I bought for a nice price overall. I really like the car, but it is already costing me a fair amount of money. I'm wondering if the valve body transmission problem will eventually affect all rabbit owners? The...
    found my first potentioal VW. car has 68000 on it and 1 owner, looks very clean and well kept. research online found thesee engines (2.0T) to be prone for timing chain tensionure failures. called local dealer and they said VW covers 50% of the repair cost up till 75000 miles. is this true...
  5. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Good afternoon! So, I had someone back into the front bumper of my ‘80 Rabbit. :( One side is pushed in and the other is sticking out. It seems as if all I need to do is loosen the mounting bolts up and straighten it out by hand, but was told the ‘absorbers’ are a one-shot deal. Is that true...
  6. CC Newbs / CC FAQs
    Hi folks, I have a 2010 CC. I have recently run into a bunch of unforeseen issues that I thought I would share and see if anyone else has had similar issues. I should also say when she is running good, she is running good. I stated the year out with a rear main seal repair ($2000), followed...
  7. MK1 Rabbit Electrical
    My Alternator Regulator decided to go out yesterday. So I checked to see that I had the 12V Battery on the main lead. I had 11.5 on the Exciter lead…. So that left the Regulator as the issue as the Battery light worked fine to tell me it decided to depart the earth. I removed the Negative, and...
  8. CC Owners Club
    Dear All, My 2012 VW CC sometimes can start, sometimes can't, and sometimes it turns off very quickly after it starts. It can stop quickly in the middle of the road. The dealer checked for two weeks and came out the conclusion that it is caused by timing chain. There are also other lights on...
  9. GTI MK1 / 1983-1984
    I've been searching the old threads and everyone who has a lower timing cover is out of stock. Any suggestions on where to find one?
1-10 of 408 Results