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  1. Beetle Owners Club
    2007 Beetle Convertible: I need a drivers side door panel in black. Anyone know what years are compatible or where to find one? RandyK
  2. Jetta / Bora MK5 / 2005–2010
    I'm getting conflicting answers to the following question. I have a 2005.5 VW Jetta Tdi (engine code BRM) with six speed auto tranny (code HQN) with 189,000 miles. Does this setup have a dual mass flywheel or just a torque converter? Thanks, Carsonic
  3. Air-cooled Owners Club
    My 71 super beetle convertible top window has become detached from the top and leaks like crazy. Can this be fixed with window surgery, or do I need a whole new top?
  4. Air-cooled / FAQs
    We just bought a 66 Beetle convertible and I have a few questions. Where is the engine number stamped and how do I decode that? Can the VIN be broken down for more information? Would a disc brake conversion (front) be worth the money spent? I have been looking at Jbugs for parts, who are some...
  5. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    Hi guys, I am gathering part for an automatic trans for a mk1 . I found a torque converter with a "Q" on it. I can't find an application guide that shows what this is from. Any help? Thx
  6. Classic VW Beetle / Bug Forum
    I have a 72 convertible and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. It is running pretty well but needs mechanical and body work (interior and exterior). I live in northern Connecticut but am willing to travel. Does anyone know someone who’d be interested in this project?? Thank...
  7. MK1 Rabbit Engine
    Is there someone in the country especially near Denver that rebuilds these mechanical injectors?
  8. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I'd like to keep having my 2014 Beetle convertible serviced at my NC VW dealer, but their "deal" is $69.95 for synthetic oil/filter change with no tire rotation. Our 2017 Honda CR-V dealer charges $49.95 for the same, AND rotates the tires. When I asked my VW dealer, I was told that VW Corporate...
  9. Passat B6 Forums
    I am wondering where the torque converter bolt access hole is so i can replace this engine. the manual i have said there is a rubber cap covering the hole and the only cap i can find is metal cap and i cant seem to remove it. i cant get the bolt through the starter hole because its on the...
  10. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I'm looking for a front right fender for a 1981 rabbit pickup. Some of the people from my appartment complex released the ebrake and messed it up buy letting it roll into the neighbors building. I was just about to give it a new paint job and now have a large front dent to deal with before I can.
  11. New Beetle Technical Forum
    I have noticed that the adhesive on the top of the rear window for my 07 convertible has recently detached from the roof. It looks like a piece of black adhesive tape of some sort. Can anybody point me in the direction of the product to use to seal it back up? Thanks
  12. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I have an 87 mk1 convertible in my yard. I have the pink. Is it worth more for parts or as a compleate car. Factory air and Cruze. White on white. 95% car. I drove it in two years ago. Interior looks new. 1.8 5 sp South East Colorado
  13. Golf MK4 / 1999-2002
    Can any one help me find replacement seats for my 02 cabrio? or educate me on what models are compatible? I have a nearby salvage yard that has a 2000 vw golf and a 2002 vw, 95 vw golf convertible, 02 vw 4dr jetta and 02 vw and 4 dr passat. Would any of these seats fit? Thank you for your time...
  14. Beetle Owners Club
    I am a new owner of a 2013 Beetle convertible. It has a round horn pad in the steering wheel . The horn is activated by pressing the pad at 3, 6, and/or 9 o'clock positions but not at the top 12 o'clock position. Seems unsafe -- is this normal?
  15. Ask A Volkswagen TECH - Hosted by Nitroscope8
    is it possible to convert the original hid headlamps to halogen what are the pitfalls
  16. Air-cooled Owners Club
    Looking at buying a 79 Convertible with 61xxx original miles. From the pics it looks great. However, it still has the original fuel injection system on it. My question is this. How reliable is the system. I've heard some negatives about it. The guy has agreed to drive 75 miles to meet me...
  17. 1975 - 1984 VW Rabbit General Forum
    I am having a problem finding a power steering belt that isn't too loose. I have tried three different belts by different manufacturers. The problem I am having is that every belt I have installed has required me to use the entire adjustment available to get the belt just tight enough to not...
1-19 of 500 Results