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    Hello everyone, I am a recent VW Rabbit (2009) owner, and what can I say, the car is amazing. I want to get a muffler that gives a deep sound. I've watched a bunch of vids on Youtube where guys put Magnaflows on their Rabbits and it seems to sound pretty good. However, I'm noticing quite a big...
    what muffler should i put on my 07 rabbit trying to hook it up lil by lil !!??? :)
    im look for ppl that have done the 1st muffler delete.. i wanna know how they liked it,how it sounds and would they tell other ppl to do it as a cheap mod for some tone ? i watched vids etc.. but vids are diff from hearing it in person just looking for some input thank you
    Saw this exhaust on ebay, you can get it for 300 bucks, down pipe for 150. anyone have one or other, or vids of the exhaust? there is one on ebay by the company who sells it, but looking for a little bit better sound quality.
  5. General Volkswagen Discussion
    hi all i am new to all this stuff, but likethe look of carbon fibre. i have seen on you tube loads of vids of carbon fibredipping and have seen a diy kit, has anyone used it. the vids look reallyimpressive. i have now just seen it on ebay aswell now. i think the the stufflooks really impressive?
  6. Your VW Rabbit Photo Gallery
    SO i dropped my racelands all the way down in the front and 80% in the backs to give it a nice rake. Videos of my custom magnaflow exhaust coming soon........
  7. MKV Mods and Installs
    Did this real quick w/ my point and shoot digital, sound quality as always w/ exhaust vids, is not that great, but you get an idea. Also the end of the vid is a failed attempt to show the resonator and muffler...enjoy
  8. Vw Rabbit VS. The Competition
    07 Rabbit vs. Dragstrip Last Friday I took my totally stock 07 tiptronic Rabbit out to the local dragstrip to get a baseline, here's the results
  9. VWOC Images / Video
    Things I thought were cool... Second vid shows you why we have those crop circle marks on our windshield, whenever if fogs up. Third vid shows how they get those rear badges lined up so perfectly.
  10. VWOC Images / Video
    A short film about dubs, women, and great times. You can choose to view it straight from YouTube in HD, stream it low quality, or even download it at FULL HD quality for your computer or iPod/iPhone. Visit the Di Multimedia page for more details, enjoy...
  11. Volkswagen Tiguan Forum
    Check out those videos of winter off-road made by our Tiguan Club Russia.
  12. VWOC Images / Video
    here are a few more vids of me and my rabbit ... and then us ridin at 130+
  13. VWOC Images / Video
    i just recorded some random videos with my moms digi cam, brother took the vids want to see the b4/after when i get that intake :) there are lots more vids, but these ones will do.
  14. VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009
    ok guys the exhaust is on its way(2-6 weeks to be specific)... really cant wait to get it. anyone else got one on this forum?... Im letting out my second mod.. chip.
  15. VWOC Images / Video The guy in the supra looks shocked :)
  16. Volkswagen Tiguan Photo Gallery
    pP4ewufvwpM Tigaun Home Video
  17. VWOC Images / Video huge rabbit and it took of the corner of his bumper
  18. VWOC Images / Video
  19. VWOC Images / Video just another video of my rabbit ... this time skiding around = ]
  20. VWOC Images / Video
    On the Van Wick heading towards Brooklyn i had my camera sooo i decided to take my first video of the new car