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First off I just want to say that this is my first post so take it easy on me lol. So I wanted to make this for those who are unsure if they really want this mod or not. I'll include the part #'s for everything needed in the install and ill give you my opinion on it. So to start off I installed the 034 Motorsports upper and lower dog bone(pendulum) mount inserts (509-1040 upper and 509-1021 lower) on my 17 GLI 6MT.
21mm and 16mm socket
1/2' drive breaker bar
1/2" drive torque wrench
N-105-580-02 (dog bone to subframe)
N-910-661-01 (shorter dog bone to trans bolt)
N-911-671-01 (longer dog bone to trans bolt)
Install: I Had problems removing the large M14 bolt. I suggest spraying it with penetrating oil for a few days in advance if your car has been daily driven in the winter. the top of the bolt sticks out of the mount and gets rusted and makes it a pain to get out. keep in mind that this is a high torqued bolt so you'll need some strength or a bigger breaker bar.
Crack the big bolt loose with the 21mm socket and breaker bar. It should then unscrew easily, but if you're in the position I was then you'll need to work the bolt loose. TAKE YOUR TIME if that happens. if you strip the threads your in for a nice chunk of work to remove the subframe and press in a new bushing. I was able to keep working the bolt in and out until it came out and somehow not strip the bushing(internal happiness archived).
-Now you can unbolt the dog bone by removing the 2 16mm bolts holding it to the trans.
-Pull the dog bone out.
For simplicity of this post use these install instructions for understanding how the mount is placed into the bushing and the torque specs.

make sure to use lots of grease to get the upper insert in.
The install is easy if the bolts come out nicely.
I also want to note that you need to be aware that you might snap your dog bone because of having more stress on it so if that happens its not my fault.
Review: keep in mind my car is fully stock, this is my only mod(so far;)) my initial impression's were good. when starting the car you'll feel the jolt when it fires up. I drove it for about 40kms to get a good feel for it. I personally love it. there is a bit of vibration when starting but that's about it. for us 6speed drivers it wont be a big deal because you can find a nice rpm range where the vibration is minimal. starting up hill is definitely more annoying. I also had no issues in reverse. once you're moving its fine.
shifting is nice now! the nose also doesn't lift like it used to when accelerating.
I'm also leaving links for 3 videos I took of the NVH so you can judge for yourself if its too much.
-Taking off normally:
-Taking off up hill:
I have hill hold assist on the lowest setting so you might notice more vibration.
hope this helps others🤙
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