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'06 GTI - Front Right Dip Beam Not Working

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Right front dip headlight has been acting up recently, going dark, but after a few miles down the road it came back on. That is, until a couple days ago. Started it in the morning, and while waiting for it to warm up, dash displayed message, "Front Right Dip Beam Not Working". Got out to check the headlight, and the outer-beam light is dark. If I replace the bulb will this resolve, or is it a wiring issue some one else has had happen? Open to your experiences, if they relate.
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Hi Rodz, I have the same problem with a 2013 Touran. Replaced the bulb didn't work. Took it to a VW dealership where they did a "software" update (switched off the alarm light) but couldn't cure the problem. Did you manage to cure it?
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