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07 Rabbit headlight harness pinouts?

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Hi all:

Have an 07 rabbit 4D that I bought used. It had an aftermarket set of HIDs installed that have been giving me nothing but trouble. Sometimes neither side will light - a day later, no problem again! (Starting to wonder if it's actually a switch or the central electronics, but still looking...)

Anyway, bought a set of replacement lights and installed them yesterday (non HID, projector). They look great, but I basically "lost" my DRLs. They worked on the last set, but not on this I'm looking for a diagram/pin-outs of the wiring harness/plug that connects to the headlight unit in this model. The car-side looks like it's only wired for 6-7 pins (I am not in front of it right now, sorry). The aftermarket lights are looking for more pins, so I figure I need to "map" the car's pin-outs to the new lights' wires. Should be straightforward if I can find both sides of the equation!

I also have an obdeleven with the long-coding enabled, so I could test some settings too, but not sure that's going to be helpful in this case.

Anyway, I appreciate any help I can get!

LMK if there's different details I should include. Thanks in advance!
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Hey, I found this in another forum:
Halogen lamp pinout:1-3 Manual Levelling (Euro only, US N/C)
4 N/C
5 Ground
6 Low Beam
7 Ground
8 High Beam
9 Blinker
10 Parking Light
This would appear to be what I'm looking at...

So maybe I DO need two pieces of advice:
1) What should the DRLs be connected to? Given the choices, a SWAG says pin/wire 10.
2) Does anyone know if enabling/disabling DRLs in VCDS basically is a toggle to wire 10 (make it hot anytime car is running)?

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