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1981 1.6L Runs but won't idle

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Ok so I've been driving a 1981 vw rabbit caddy for about 2 months now. The engine sat for over a year but started right up and has been fine till a few days ago. I was driving down the highway and it died in gear some how and felt like it bound up. My first thought was oil or fuel. But now I'm really confused cause it will start as long as I give it some throttle but dies the second I let off like it's almost binding. When I have it running it runs perfectly fine. And there are no lights indicating oil pressure issues but I'm still wary about it and can't get it to idle. I'm stumped and am worried I'm damaging it by running it wile attempting to use trial and error to figure out what's wrong.
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Are you sure all three bolts on the front, two that are under the IP to the engine and the one on the bottom back of the IP are good and tight?

Generally rough idle is because the pump is moving too much at idle. The lever is against the stop on the top of the pump right? You might try turning in the fuel screw at the top left of the back of the pump. Release the locknut and give it a 1/4 turn in the clockwise direction. This will put more fuel into the engine at all times so just do it in a small turn at a time. The Engine speed should bump up a bit at idle doing what you just did. And it may now be necessary to release the locknut and reposition the idle stop some.

See if that helps or not.
Movingthe thread to the General older rabbit forum instead of in the DIY by type. Relatively easy mistake for a new member.
The DIY/MODs are for Frequently Answered Questions, and or How-to's on keeping your bunny hopping down the road with tutorials on how I repair things.

Welcome DSJguss, now you know.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Make sure that your Accell cable and the return springs on the actuator are also clean and free of grime and muck, as that can bind things up a wee bit.
Ok well I made sure there all tight and have adjusted the idle some and it seemed to help a little but now when I get it going Its porpoising really bad so it isnt getting the fuel it needs but the pump and everything seem to be fine so maybe I just knocked something loose in the fuel lines and really plugged it up
And thank you I'll be sure to post in the correct page next time
I think I figured it out. There was a cracked hose by the fuel tank that was messing up the pressure. Thank you so much ORCoaster I never would have figured it out if you hadn't suggested messing with the idle position which made it run for long enough periods of time for me to find the leak.
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For letting us in on the resolution..... I only drove my Diesel from the Showroom for 20 years, then sold it... Now that these cars are hitting the 40 year mark, things break or hole that I have never seen.... Good Catch.
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