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1981 Caddy 1.6 diesel - won't run after sitting for 9 months

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I've been trying to trouble shoot this vehicle for the past few days and it's been a headache. I'm also having issues getting it tagged that's why it sat for so long and I can no longer park it where it currently sits. So far I've established that glow plugs are getting power and fuel shut off solenoid is functioning correctly. I've also bleed out any air by cracking the lines to each injector, no problem getting fuel there. Car will still just crank and crank but won't fire up. Car ran like a champ before it was parked. It would fire right up and run perfectly even on very cold days. Any input as to what else I can try to get this thing running would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Take out the number 4 glow plug and jumper it to the battery, if it doesn't get hot in 7-10 seconds it's bad.
If you have fuel, and if you have air then you need the glow plug assist. Just because the Glow plugs have 12V on the bus bar doesn't mean they are good.
Number 4 is the easiest one to change, and number 3 of course...

You can start on one glow plug, but you can't start on none. Glow plugs go bad one at a until the last one goes you do not know....

Oh, it also pays to have a spare in the glove box along with the 2 wrenches it take to remove it.
Ahh the old truck/car sat for awhile now it doesn't want to start anymore problem. Give me a nickel for all those that I have read and I would be rich.

Why didn't you fire it up on occasion during the last 9 mths and save yourself the headache? Just a little preventative medicine for next time you have to do that.

So yes, you have fuel at the injectors, you have voltage at the GPs and you can crank the tar out of it. All good signs, that removes many of the gremlins from the situation.

I go with non working GPs and noted already. Letting it sit may also have let some of the seal in the rings go and compression is lacking as well. If you can pull the injectors you can give a squirt of WD 40 in there to drive out the water and lube the rings a bit. That problem might go away by just getting it to turn over and run. Did you pull the vac pump and spin the oil pump before you started grinding on the starter? If not you might have made a bad seal problem worse. Too late now it you did.

Check the first two GPs get them to glow really well across the battery, don't hold them in your hand doing it or you will be really pissed for it.

Hope it fires up. Stay away from the can of persuasion, that stuff isn't going to do you engine any good in the condition it is in.
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Thanks for the input fellas. I am definitely kicking myself for not atleast starting it up every month or so. I have some new Bosch glow plugs coming tomorrow. Haven’t got around to testing the old ones yet but hopefully that’s all she needs. Truck is safely back in the driveway for now.
Changed the glow plugs today. Old ones were some VPC brand that looked like cheap crap to me. Couldn't get number four to glow for me the others were probably done for as well. Car fired right up after changing all four. Cheers fellas, thanks again.
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