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1984 1.8L Rabbit wont start may be fuel issue

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I am hoping someone can help me. Recently my mother gave my daughter her 1984 Rabbit Convertible. Problem is it sat too long. The car is nice, very complete except it wont start. Can someone tell me where the fuel relay is and the location of the fuel pump? I found something next the rear right wheel that looks like the accumulator. Any help is appreciated, I am trying to get this car running before my next deployment (I am in the USAF)> Thank you very much!
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the fuel accumulator is a few inches forward of the fuel pump and is connected to the fuel pump by a braided metal fuel line (about 6")----the fuel pump is enclosed in foam and is mounted on a tray back of the fuel accumulator----the fuel pump relay is on the top right corner of the fuse box---the fuse box is below and to the left of the steering wheel, under the dash---the ground for the fuel pump relay is behind the fuse box---you can bypass the relay by using a jumper wire on the 87 and 30 terminals of the fuse box after removing the relay---this will cause the pump to operate continuously if there is no problem with the pump or wiring/ground for the pump---the pump ground is behind the back seat--only jump the relay briefly to test the pump/wiring
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