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I have '90 vw jetta gl. I'm having issues that I would like to take care of

1- my Coolant fan. I believe it needs rewiring or one of the sensor switch is brook. When I hock it up the fan runs but it never stops weather the car is warm, cold, it stays on all the time. Any one can help me finding wiring digram for my coolant fan or at least show me some pictures of mkII jetta coolant fan wiring.

2- my 2ned issue that i have water leaking under my dashboard in the passenger side. I pop my hood and clean the passenger side draining hole. It seems like the water go through and draining hole to outside my car but for some reasons I still get water dripping on the passenger side floor. I tried to open the lower section of my dashboard but I couldn't figure out how to open it. any pictures/ discretions on how to fix these issues will be appreciated.
thank you
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