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This Jetta was running great, until this morning. 167,000 miles with manual transmission.

Just this week when starting the car, it would start and run but I would hear a noise for a few seconds after start that sounded like the starter bendix was still engaged, lasting for 4-5 seconds. (installed new starter around 130,00)
This morning, the car would start and shut off after 3 or so seconds.
Now after a few attempts, it will turn over but not start.
I hooked up my Autel scan gauge and it would load to 98% and then say link failed. Did this numerous times.
Also when the key is in ignition and turned to the on position, after 10 or so seconds the cooling fans would come on at full speed. (this is with a cold engine).
I can not hear any relays clicking.
Ideas on where to start?
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