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I recently purchased a 2006 Jetta with automatic transmission. The car test drove fine and shifted smoothly. After driving at 75 for about 20 minutes on the interstate I got off and drove around town. At that point the car started shifting hard both up and down, also the transmission would stick in 4th or 5th gear after stopping. I shut the car off and let things cool down and it ran fine.

I took the car back to the place I purchased it 3 times, finally they decided to put a used transmission in the car. After picking it up it ran fine until I had to drive for awhile, then the same thing started happening.

I am not sure if they put a new transmission in, the mechanic they used said he did. Any idea what the problem could be? Could it be they put too much transmission fluid in the transmission and causing this problem when it gets hot?

Thanks, not sure what to do and they won't give me my money back.

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Don't believe them... My son bought a 2003 Impala, and he said he had to fill up the
coolant bottle three times. So, I looked, guess what I saw in the coolant bottle, and
on the lid? MUD, which meant OIL, which mean Head Gasket. So, he took it back,
they said they called one shop, didn't like their assessment, so went to another one, and
that one said? It was a timing chain cover seal... Really? Like I am that stupid? I said,
you want to explain to me, how an EXTERNAL cover, with a seal, oil is getting into the
coolant? AND, why is the coolant reservoir bubbling? They said, the guy who is going
it has to explain it to me. I said, the hell he does, you're getting the car back. So, my
son got back on the phone, said he was NOT going to argue, the car is coming back. THEN
they said, okay okay, we'll fix the head gaskets. I said, TOO LATE, see you tomorrow...

SO, we called the OTHER shop, the first one, they said, FOR SURE; Head Gasket...
He did not have anything open for a few days to begin the work. We said, we get it,
the car lot guy is lying to us. The car lot ended up calling THEM back, and bitched
at them for telling us the truth.

So, the car lot was gonna put a bottle of head gasket fix, and give it back..
No way...

DO NOT assume they plopped in a transmission in under 2-days... And just plain
old don't assume that. I would have gotten the codes/numbers off the trans,
and then verified they were different with a replaced trans. They have to give you
your money back, they're not allowed to sell crap anymore. Check your state's
local law, federal laws. You have so much time to take it back. They did not FIX
the issue, so you can still return it. I know PA has some strict rules on this stuff,
plus, if it has under 120,000 miles they have to warranty it for at least 3000 miles.

The car my son bought, came with a 6-month unlimited mile warranty, they just
wanted to pass the buck to the warranty company, by trying to drag their feet.
Once so much time passes, the dealer/lot is no longer responsible. Hell, when he
drove it for a test drive, the CEL came on for purge solenoid, THEY said they
replaced. I said, okay, so did you clear the code? HE goes; Good question.
They did, and it didn't come back on, but the head gasket? MAJOR problem.

I could do the job, it was a pushrod V6, they're much easier to work on -vs-
overhead cams...

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I have the some input on this very transmission... I obtained my Jetta from an X. "SLAVE MODE," at 125k miles--->I gave her $500 for the car and had an 2009 transmission put in + proper adaption.--->$2,100

Apparently, the early MKV's ran into many transmission problems. If your trans. is restricting your normal drive, look for a newer transmission, a transmission shop(with adaption software), not your shade tree mechanic(who has NEVER heard of "adaption") I love my Jetta. It was worth it to me.

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Ok so i hot my jetta from a used car lot ran fine then avout 2 days later my check engine lihht went on so i had it read sayd my cat. So i went about replaced it an about month later now my temp goes to cold an gives a message oil **** off or something and wouldnt start back up bout a day later i tryed o start it and well now it makes yhis noise and wont gp away when i put oil the coolant smokes when i put coolant the oil smokes what the f ****
someone help me please im goin insane
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