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2007 Locking System

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As anyone ever sorted the locking system on a 2007 Rabbit? I have a hand me down car with just 30,000 miles on it but it has it share of problems. First and most annoying is that the only way you can lock it is with the fob. The other related issue is that it locks all the doors sort of at random. Also seems like the "child locks" are either broken or just part of the overall locking system issues. Thanks
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I owned a 2009 Rabbit 5-speed manual 2.5L until last June, when it was ruined by a collision. I LOVED EVERYTHING about that vehicle! How can you be so unhappy with a 2007 Rabbit?
I have a 2007 Rabbit and I ended up replacing both locking mechanisms, but my problem was the car didn't lock anymore. I ordered up the units online, about $50 each, and found a thread on this site which showed where all the screws are in order to take the outside door skins off and replace them. Not terribly difficult but plan a few hours time and prepare to fiddle a bit.


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Yep - mine just started to refuse to lock even with the fob!
2/3 of the time I just get a alarm set with no locking.
Thanks for this - huge help just in knowing I'm not alone.
With the exception of my mobile from time to time there is never anything worth stealing in it anyway and it is garage kept at night.
I might figure out a way to add pop locks!
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