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Hi All,
hoping someone might have some advice here.
The windows, door locks, mirror, and mirror turn signal on the passenger side doors are all dead. The door open switch also does not turn on the lights. Everything on the driver's side is 100% except being able to control the passenger side windows
I'm assuming its a bad ground but i have read a lot about failures with the harness in the doors. I did thoroughly inspect the connectors and cables running from the pillar to the doors on both front doors but the wires look good and dont show signs of damage.I also removed the battery cables and shorted them to each other to drain the power but no go either.
I am good with a multi-meter but i also need advice as to which wiring diagram would be best to purchase or if anyone might even have a pin diagram for the connector on the pillar would be helpful too

Thank you in advance for any help​

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