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Hello all - This is driving me absolutely NUTS and hoping someone has some insight.

A few weeks ago, the bulb out light came on and indicated front right parking light. I went to go replace it, and was confused when i saw it was on. (Car was off, headlights off). I didn't think anything of it and assumed the bulb was bad and replaced it, but it stayed on. I also then noticed the right city light (inside headlight assembly) was also on.

I replaced both bulbs thinking that one of them might have shorted, no luck. Both lights are ALWAYS ON despite car being turned off, and headlight switch off. I searched google and saw that it's a possible feature of the turn signal stalk being left on when car is off. Checked this and moved it to turn on left blinker, no luck. Right side city light and parking light always remain on.

After playing around, i noticed that the bulb out indicated will turn off when the headlights are on, but will turn back on again and fault when turned off, indicating that the right front parking light is out (but it's always on!).

So i pulled off bumper thinking that one of the wires is shorted, and everything looks ok. I even pulled off the whole conduit to make sure! (what a PITA!).

I'm at a complete loss at what to do next - Both lights being always on kills my battery after a day of not driving. My inspection is up, which will auto-fail due to the bulb out light.

If anyone has any ideas, i'm down to try anything at the point.

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