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2008 Rabbit Grinding

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My 2008 Rabbit got a grinding noise only when clutch is applied, when released is gone. Already replace the DMF with a solid one and all of it’s components. It got a little bit silenced but still there. Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks !

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Finally found the issue when the tranny get lock up. I tough it was a broken axle but when open all apart, the transmission do the grinding noise even in neutral, when spinning it by hand. Now I’m looking for a transmission to replace it, near north Dallas, TX. It’s a 5 speed for a 2.5 L engine.

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Hi, My 2007 rabbits transmission failed at 150 k because it is sealed I had no idea it did not have transmission fuel in it! I got new trans mission at it only had 25 miles on it for under a thousand I had it delivered to my mechanics , then i sold the core for 250 bucks. it was going to be almost 5 thousand for the dealership to do it. I filed a complaint with vw of America as there should have been a warning light of some kind, I mean there is a light for light bulbs! good luck!
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