For sale a relatively low miles car with great shape and condition with less than 105k miles with cold ac.The car has rare to find body kit xenon headlights,Premium leather seats ,power all,honestly not see many more. Got 5 cars and try to sell this due need space. there are some stuff though what need to be fixed .Headliner just recently loose ,and a month ago a parked and the front lip reached the concrete edge,so it a pulled out from the clips.I didn’t fixed yet but it’s not broken just need to rehook it in.Car dash have no any sign all good only flat tire sign on. One door won’t close w remote . Car mechanically and look wise in professional shape . Need a good wash detail and good to go.If these little things to be fixed the car is a showstopper. If you looking for rare vw this would be one.I post some pics to view it,yes it got sunroof .If anyone interested l contact me. Im located in Jacksonville Florida. Thank you for your interest
Only the white for sale . I hold the title purchased from 1st owner w 75k miles in 2014 , i only put 30K in.
Phone 📞 904-315-7460
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