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Hello guys first post here

I saw someone else had a problem with their AC as well but wasn't quite the same issue as mine. So, sorry for another AC post in advance but I have no idea where to start first and hope some of you guys have some knowledge to help me.

Last year I was involved in a fender bender and had to take my poor rabbit in to be repaired nothing crazy just a smashed up bumper and headlight. Living in Canada though I never thought to check if the AC was messed up after the whole incident (because it was the middle of winter)

Anyways long story short my AC isnt working now. It doesn't even sound like the compressor is cycling on. But the light comes on in the car. Im not sure if its to do with accident either the mechanic shop repaired everything they saw.

Any ideas on where to start and what to do would be much obliged im in a bit of a pickle right now.

Dads a heavy duty mechanic and said to check the fuses first

thanks guys
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