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2009 Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback

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Hello All,

I am currently selling my Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback. I am located in Philadelphia PA.

Price: $3500

The information on the car is as follows:

• Good Condition (Minor cosmetic, small dent, no major repairs needed)
• 5-Speed Manual Transmission (Clutch feels great, gear box too)
• 133,000 Miles (mostly highway)
• No crashes or outstanding issues with the car. (Only two owners)
• Aftermarket Engine Air Filter (easy to clean, no replacement necessary, kit comes with)
• Aftermarket Stainless Steel Cat-Back exhaust system
• Aftermarket Radio Unit
• Rear brakes & rotors replaced a year ago.
• Clean outside and in the car
• 1 year old tires and the car was maintained well.

If you are interested please let me know. I am open to price negotiations. I will only take cash, and you are more than welcome to test drive before hand. Thanks, have a good one!


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