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2010 CC Sport

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Car has been in the garage for two months for timing chain rebuilt. Now the issue comes up with a P0088 code. Don’t know if a new ECU is needed or needs to be flashed. Need help immediately please.
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I'm not sure how into your car you are but for the money, Amazon has data cable and you can get the soft ware online to do your own tuning on the car. VW will get you for a list of needs if you go there. Consider parts geek dot com or ecu obd2 software for $300 you can tinker with vs $500 per visit. You didn't think vw losing a lawsuit or 2 meant the prices go down do you? Labor alone jumped to $130 HR at decent dealerships 2hr min ?
The place where the car is located is having issues identifying the problem. I was informed the issue may be my ECU but more trouble shooting is needed before getting a new ECU or one from the savage yard.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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